The Muslim Brotherhood, a radical fundamentalist Islamic organization recognized by the President of Egypt as the parent group of many of today’s Islamofascist terror organizations, has established critical inroads into American government and influence at its highest levels. This revelation has become an indisputable fact for those who examine the evidence.

The Betrayal Papers is a research and multimedia campaign that presents this evidence, demonstrating the incredible and potent influence that the Muslim Brotherhood exerts over the Obama administration, many members of Congress, and on American policy. With its roots in fundamentalist Islam, the Muslim Brotherhood is an Islamofascist organization whose declared goal is world subjugation to Sharia Law and the establishment of a global Islamic Caliphate.

From US foreign policy to education “reform,” from social justice rallies to assassinations, the Muslim Brotherhood makes its presence known in the United States in myriad unsuspected and surprising ways. The Betrayal Papers, is a series of several explosive articles, tracing the major countries, organizations, individuals, and policies that define the Muslim Brotherhood throughout Washington DC, and right into the halls of Congress and the White House itself.

This series, a vital exposé of the most important – yet taboo issue of the day, has been meticulously researched by a team of journalists, national security bloggers, and retired military operatives. All of the information contained in this critical and informative campaign is compiled using Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) best practices. The information is important, and it is well past time that it is presented in an organized, comprehensive and easily consumed manner. The Betrayal Papers achieves these goals.

Please help us to inform the American public on this most critical issue of our generation by posting the limited edition installments of The Betrayal Papers on your website, Facebook page and Twitter account. We ask only that you publish The Betrayal Papers without editing and with attribution.

The contributing authors to The Betrayal Papers are available to provide their researched analysis on the information contained in the project to interested radio shows and television programs.