September 18, 2015 – Stand Up America US

Five Hundred Million Dollars for how many trained rebels? Four, five, or six?

How could you not know exactly how many were trained at less than ten? Because that too is a lie: a half billion dollar set of lies and failures.

This is not just colossal ineptitude that borders on criminal negligence, it is much worse. What if General Austin’s testimony is masking an even larger, more embarrassing failure, that if revealed would expose the true intentions of the Obama Administration regarding Syria? Yes, it is!

Figure 1 – Lloyd Austin III, commander of U.S. Central Command, testifies at a Senate Committee on Armed Services hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C 1st_pic
Not only did they lie to cover up their poor progress, prompting the intelligence community to complain and starting an IG inquiry, the Senate Armed Services Committee and the people have been buffaloed even further. The lie is bigger and our sources in Syria have seen it and lived it.

This is not just a Keystone Kops folly as we once thought. This stoops into the realm of the criminal, and Obama is direct responsibility.

He shares responsibility for more than just the deaths of so many men, women, and children in Syria; he is also partially responsible for the humanitarian refugee crisis now over running Europe because he helped create the power vacuum.

It is not solely a stark lack of leadership, more importantly it is an intentional alignment with the wrong people in the Middle East – the Qataris and the Muslim Brotherhood.

It is complicity with the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) from one end, and Iran, Hezbollah, and Assad from the other end. And you thought the Iran Deal was bad enough.

The newest lie is not just the embarrassing testimony Gen. Austin III gave as CentCom Commander; sheepishly revealing that their training program was a waste of time and money, but what he did not tell the committee was the real reason only four, or five to six men were trained. Actually it was closer to 60.

What is worse is that it was all the rebels they could get to sign up after being forced to sign an affidavit prior to beginning their training in Turkey, They had to promise to only fight ISIS and not Al Assad. When the true FSA fighters found out, the vast majority walked away; some to join with the extremists just to survive and continue the original fight or to just become refugees.

Apparently it was more palatable for the Obama Administration to just look like bad managers than it was to admit that there were thousands who wanted to be trained who saw the treachery firsthand and left. They understood something few in the west know, this was always about Turkey and the MB and the ultimate goal of making Syria fall under an ‘Ottoman’ umbrella. But there are worse failures; more bumbling, and clearly a complicity that is concealed by apparent incompetent.

Figure 2 – CIA watching for Iranian nuclear collaboration with rogue states like N. Korea – about time.

2nd_picAdditionally, what good are the changes America made to secure our nation after 9/11 if the Director of the CIA is just now asking if there is a cooperative effort between Iran and North Korea as our country is quickly heading to a finalized deal with Iran over nukes?

In addition, all this is occurring as North Korea continues to threaten nuclear strikes against the US, but it is just now that Brennan begins to take notice. We have news for Director Brennan, it’s too late, Iran and N. Korea have already been working together, nurtured by Russia and China for a decade or more.

Now we see that it is not just stunning ignorance by the people in charge of gathering intelligence, or complete lunacy in the Iran Deal negotiations, it also pervades Central Command leadership because Obama was always supporting the wrong rebels in bed with the Brotherhood, Turkey, and Qatar – calling them moderates.

Turkey effectively Islamized the original FSA, and made it a religious issue when originally it was a nationalistic rebellion, all to create chaos and Iran was a big help with their own goals.

Obama ignored the true nationalistic rebels and sent all support to a military room in Turkey called the MOC, managed by Turkish Intel and the MB. The original rebels wanted no part of Obama’s greater cabal, they just wanted Al Assad out; the original idea, long before Obama created a vacuum inside Syria ensuring Jihadist radicals would fill the void. All of this was an attempt to make sure the nationalists would not take over, rather, he wanted the MB to be the victors in the end. But now re-enter Putin.

SUA knows the Syrian chess board well and Putin will certainly not allow this end either. It was SUA’s SOLG group (Syrian Opposition Liaison Group) with MG Vallely that visited the depth of Syria’s killing fields on a fact finding mission. Part of the goals were to identify all of the groups and complexities of the Syrian conflict, vetting those who could be trusted. SOLG then thoroughly briefed the CIA and others in the intelligence community, providing numerous reports; often with no feedback. The result was Obama intentionally backing the wrong people while telling us they were the “moderates,” hiding the truth from the people here paying the bill.

Figure 3 – Colonel Jameel Raadoun, commander of FSA Sokour al-Ghab, assassinated in August 2015 3rd_pic

Constant communication is and had been maintained and cultivated for years with the nationalistic, true FSA, but no help ever came for them. When we were told training would begin, we were not told of the ROE being imposed on the trainees. There was little confusion three years ago because the number of radicals was microscopic, now they are the majority.

What is worse according to many indications is the MB is colluding with Turkish Intel and being complicit in assassinating several nationalistic FSA officers. According to reliable sources on the ground, their latest assassination was FSA Col. Jameel Raadoun (one more in a long line of victims). He was commander of the Sokour al-Ghab brigade and was killed in Antakya, Turkey when a bomb ignited under the vehicle he was in. Where was the western media?

While the Obama Administration was busy with Turkey “training” the remaining 60 FSA rebels, it is that same Turkey with Brotherhood support who then surrendered them to Al Nusra. Turkey does not want a Syria supported by the US, the Turks want a renewed ‘Ottoman’ Syria – Obama and his cronies misled the world with MB help and were in turn misled themselves and blew $500 Million in the process!

More hearings need to occur; this time with FSA senior leadership brought in to testify, not lackeys like Gen. Austin nor Obama’s cronies in the Brotherhood – rather, true, original, nationalist FSA senior officers only. The Senate Armed Services Committee needs to hear the truth. The Salim Idriss MB types had their chance and blew it, and Brennan should be held accountable for these many failures. Gen. Lloyd Austin III should resign in disgrace.

If today’s Pentagon is merely going to just do the Commander-in-Chief’s bidding, then each should have had the guts to say goodbye rather than implement such treasonous policies. Surrendering the region to ISIS and the Brotherhood, the two faces of the same coin could only happen because they were not loud enough and forceful enough to push back.

SUA gave the current administration the necessary knowledge, intelligence updates, the keys to the networks. The DoD, the CIA, and others in the administration were shown the path to victory in Syria based on America’s vital national interests, not Qatar’s or Turkey’s. The true FSA were neglected instead. They were battle tested former Syrian military leaders and soldiers who only asked for ammunition, financial aid, and food. They did not need to be trained, they were already winning.

In the first 18 months of the rebellion, they had Assad’s back against the wall before Obama surrendered the FSA to Qatari and Turkish management. They turned a nationalistic struggle into a religious war under the sponsorship of the Brotherhood. With no accountability, the Jihadis got a foothold and now they have Al Assad’s back once again up against the wall and Putin knows this.

Al Assad is again collapsing militarily, under the pressure of the extremists this time, not the true moderates. The result is that Syria is fast becoming another Chechnya and Putin is very worried. Obama sold the Syrian people out due to weakness and alignment with the devil.

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