By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | The American Report | November 13, 2021

Captain Larry Bailey (SEAL), U.S. Navy (Retired), was interviewed by host John B. Wells on the November 8, 2021 broadcast of Caravan to Midnight.

Captain Bailey previously ran the Naval Special Warfare Center where SEAL candidates undergo BUD/S training.

A group of NAVY SEALs prayed on the decision of whether or not to file a lawsuit over the COVID-19 vaccination mandate.

Then they heard Captain Bailey’s interview with John B. Wells on Caravan to Midnight.

The SEALs sent a message: “We heard you.”

The next day, 26 U.S. Navy SEALs,  five U.S. Navy Special Warfare Combatant Crewmen, one U.S. Navy Explosive Ordinance Disposal Technician, and three U.S. Navy Divers filed a lawsuit against President Joe Biden, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, the U.S. Department of Defense, and Secretary of the Navy Carlos Del Toro.




In just a couple of minutes we are going to speak with Captain Larry Bailey, United States Navy (Retired,) (SEAL). Oh, yes.

He was assigned to SEAL Team Two, spent almost five years with them, participated in the Dominican Republic invasion, was deployed to Vietnam, where he led one of the first two East Coast SEAL Platoons into combat.

So, let’s talk to Captain Larry Bailey, United States Navy (SEAL), (Retired), right now. Captain Bailey, welcome to the program. It’s great to have you with us, sir. Thank you for coming on.


You bet. Glad to do it.


Well, this has become quite something, this note that you provided says “the survival rate of the COVID virus is 99.999 percent in our SEAL teams’ age range, so why even consider the vaccine when COVID-19 is no more a risk than ordinary flu to this population? And whereas the COVID vaccine, in particular in young men, has a history of myocarditis and blood clots, this is particularly true for those who must travel by air.”

So, captain, I invite you to just take it away, and when you hear the music rolling up, you’ll have less than a minute and we’ll take a break and we’ll come back and you just tell us what you want to tell us tonight.




So, how about it? Where shall we begin? Bioweapons. The vaccines are bioweapons. And, I’ll hand it over to you after that little short phrase.




So, the vaccine’s a time bomb? Can you expand on this a little bit?


Well, you know, I don’t know much about bioweapons except I do know that they hurt you in very insidious ways. If they don’t kill you, they will make you an impotent or they will make you incapable of carrying out your mission, in the case of military guys.

And I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what this does to the SEAL community because the SEALs have a very special place in the operational scheme of things. The Army and the Air Force have their own, and I think, from what I read, I have no inside information, from what I read, there are thousands and thousands of military people, including a lot of special operations people like SEALs, special forces, air commandos, etcetera, who are just not, who will take the hit and lose everything they have invested as far as a penalty for not following orders.

You know, it’s kind of a touchy situation to articulate and it’s really touchy for me because I’ve had my first two shots. That’s the last two shots I’ll have.

Well, I got my shots early on when it seemed like that was the thing to do. And I wasn’t going to do it, but I’m 82 years old and I figured, well, if I die, no one is going to miss me.

If I were a 25 year old guy in SEAL teams, I would not get those shots because there are several factors involved. One is it might make me less able to accomplish my mission. You mentioned in the airplanes. Two, it’s downright unconstitutional. We were all expected to get polio shots when we were kids, but that’s quite a bit different from the shots we’re given now because we don’t know what they are going to do to us. We simply do not know.


You know, captain, what is especially disturbing is at our aggregator site, news aggregator site,, we all know what a jellyfish is, you start off with one problem, now you’ve got two. The headline reads, “Chinese Communist Party Bosses Discuss Vaccine Impact On USA Military Forces” and they say, quote, “everyone who took the vaccine is dead.”

Now, I don’t roll with everything that comes out of that bunch. However, that is a rather disturbing thing to say. We’ll carry on our conversation with Captain Larry Bailey, United States Navy (SEAL), (Retired).

Captain Larry Bailey, native of Marshall, Texas, graduate of Steven F. Austin State College. He spent almost 27 years as a U.S. Navy SEAL.  Obtained his commission from Navy Officer Candidate School in 1962. First assigned to the Destroyer U.S.S. Leary before receiving orders to Underwater Demolition Team training at Little Creek, Virginia. After a year in UDT 22, he was assigned to SEAL Team Two. I told you, he spent almost five years with them and participated in the Dominican Republic invasion and deployed to Vietnam. Led one of the first two SEAL Team Platoons into combat. But, there’s more.

He commanded Naval Special Warfare Center, where all SEALs are trained, for three years, before he retired from the U.S. Special Operations Command in Tampa, Florida. He retired from the U.S. Navy in 1990 after a 27 year career as a SEAL officer. His career included duty in the U.S., Panama, Bolivia, Scotland, Columbia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Graduate of the Armed Forces Staff College and the U.S. Army’s Foreign Area Officer School. Holds an undergraduate degree in history from Stephen F. Austin State College in Texas and a Masters Degree in education from East Carolina University.

Also headed up “Kerry Lied Rally,” an effort to put thousands of people in front of the U.S. Capitol on September 22, 2004 for an event intended to tell the truth about Vietnam veterans and to counter the lies John Kerry told them.

You see who we are talking to tonight.

Captain Bailey’s most significant military assignment was as commanding officer of the Naval Special Warfare Center where all Navy SEALs undergo basic and advanced training.

He’s currently a freelance consultant and writer on military affairs who has been published numerous times in the national press. Since his retirement, Captain Bailey has been involved in issues of national policy. He’s founder of Gathering of Eagle since 2007. He’s also been Co-Chair of Special Operations Speaks, an organization that speaks out on defense-related issues, particularly those involving special operations forces.

He and his wife Judy live in beautiful North Carolina and they are the parents of two adult children.


I’m sure glad to hear what I’ve done, because I forget it at times.


I ask this question all the time. Can you believe you did all that stuff?


It was a great career and I thank the U.S. taxpayer for paying my salary to do the things that I enjoyed the most.

Things have changed now. We’ve got the military throughout the ranks has got a lot more political I think than it was ever in my time. I didn’t have to compete against lieutenant commanders and commanders. As long as I did my job I was gonna pretty much reassured of getting promoted. But these guys now — it’s not universally true because there are some notable exceptions — you know, guys talk about the flag officers, the admirals, and even the generals, the“oh, he just sucked up to his bosses,” and they were either those who did everything by the numbers to get promoted, then they didn’t do the things that logic and common sense and even their good sense told them to do.

I’m saying all that to lead up to the very top. We are reaping a whirlwind that we sowed when we elected Barack Obama, and sleepy Joe is just carrying on what Obama started, with a lot of help from Obama’s friends. Joe Biden doesn’t know what he’s doing, as we all know. What he does do is the bidding of his masters, and his top two masters I think are Michelle and Barack Obama.

Now, of course, Hillary is still up there. She rules a big stick. But these are the people who gave us General Austin to be Secretary of Defense, who gave us General Milley to be the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Now, I don’t know too much about the admirals and the Air Force General and the Marine Generals, the chief of the service.

But, if you go on down to the next levels, I don’t think you are going to find too many people who have got a lot of character.

They certainly don’t have enough character to resign before they condemn their subordinates to a life of at least of discomfort and maybe even of disability. And I think we don’t know that yet, but I think that Dr. Malone will tell you that we haven’t begun to see the harm that we are causing ourselves by obeying an illegitimate order.

And I would like to think that the best of ourselves, but if I were still commanding officer at BUD/S, Basic UDC / SEAL Training, I would like to think that I would resign before I would require my Corpsmen, Hospital Corpsmen to inject whatever it is they are being told to inject into young SEALs. These guys have their whole lives and their whole careers ahead of them and if I could do something to protect them, I’ll do it. Now, of course, my resigning is not going to do much more than draw attention to it, but it’s still, it’s something I should do if I was still out there and it’s something that some general officers and admirals should do right now rather than continue to follow the orders of these people at the top of our food chain.


I’ll tell you what’s disturbing is, well, there’s a whole bunch of disturbing stuff. What are we going to do about these, wasn’t it something like 18,000 SEALs, some ridiculously high number of SEALs in jeopardy of being fired if they don’t get this vaccine?


Well, there aren’t that many SEALs. That’s probably all of the special operations forces to include U.S. Army Special Forces, the Marine regiment. And I don’t know, but there are going to be some people who will pay a price for it. If they refuse to get the shot, one of the first things you are going to do is get kicked out of the military. And the secretary of defense has implied that they are going to lose all of their military benefits. Now, there are going to be some interesting things there like, there are going to be some people right close to retirement or within their eligibility years to retire, and because they don’t get the shot, the threat was to take away their retirement pay, take away their VA eligibility, to take away their medical rights.

So, there are a lot of things that nobody has talked through that are going to hurt not just individuals, it will hurt our country because they can no longer do their jobs.


You know, we only have a few minutes here, but what I would like to do, if it’s alright with you, is, here in a few minutes we’ll do our bottom of the hour break, but don’t hang up when we go to commercials this next time. I want to give you just five, six minutes to just maybe wrap up a little bit…

…Let me ask you this question Captain. What do you do, that you can say, at Naval Special Warfare Center and these operations. Are we talking Zodiac boats and beach landings and stuff like that or, how deeply involved are you in strategy before anybody is sent to do anything?


Well, we have, or we had while I was there, I don’t know if it’s still there or not, we had a group of officers, lieutenant commanders and commanders, who just sat around, and after they get their exercises, they sat around all day and just talked about what they should be doing, what they should think about, what we will look like as a community in the future. And we call them the Strategy and Tactics Group. Now, they would write papers and show them to the admiral and the admiral would show them to the … and that was the ideal situation.

But, I was kind of cut out of it because I didn’t have too much need to know. But, they talked about top things that I’m not paying attention about, that I’m paid to pay their salaries. But, we did very little classified-type training. You run a lot and you swim a lot. And you learn to dive, and you learn to shoot, loot, tattoo and take pictures as we call it, and you learn how to perform small unit tactics.

Let me just tell you about one of the things that was the comeuppance of the ultimate of what we train them to do. Two years ago, I think, there was a Brit, and I think it was a British woman too, that were taken hostage by some Somalis, al-Shabaab or I don’t know which group it was, but somehow we were, other people were able to locate them, and it was like a, kind of a small force, as I understand it.

Now, these bad guys were holding these two Europeans hostage and they found out where they were, and these SEALs went in there, flew in at 10,000 feet and jumped out of the airplane and at free-fall from about eight down to about two thousand feet, pulled their parachutes, linked up, in the middle of the night now, and they were trained enough in navigation at night, and, of course, they had night vision devices to show them where they were going. These guys got together and hiked something like five kilometers and found where they were supposed to be, and they caught these guys completely by surprise, killed all of them, rescued the woman, I think the Brit was killed or vice versa, one of the hostages was killed, the other one was rescued, and they didn’t even know what was happening until they said “come with us.”  And I think the woman was rescued and the Brit’s body was expatriated.

So that’s the kind of thing that we train our kids to do when they are in basic training. Of course, after they get out of basic training, they go to some specialized parachute schools, but they’ve been given the basic training at Special Warfare Center. So, that’s the loop I’m taking you around to educate the types of really tough missions that the post graduate SEALs are capable of doing, and do from time to time.


Given everything you know about the current situation, and you’re right exactly right, I’ve been saying Obama is running things from two miles up the block from the White House, for the entirety. In fact, he’s the one who is running Brennan and Christopher Wray and all of those other mugs.

But, here’s the thing. If you can stay with us for just a couple more minutes after this break here, with where we talk to the doctor, what do you see happening here? What do you see, Captain?

…People are calling it asymmetrical warfare. I think it’s more like three dimensional chess. I think it’s multi-level. There’s a multi level strategy that is hitting us high and hitting us low and hitting in the middle. So, maybe you can tell us your opinion of what’s happening to us when we come back after this short break. I’m John B. Wells. We are visiting with Captain Larry Bailey, USN SEAL, (Retired). Stand by. More to come.

…Where else do you hear about this stuff over the public airwaves. Captain Larry Bailey, USN SEAL (Retired) writes that vaccine spike proteins enter cell nuclei, suppress DNA repair engine of the human body. Only, COVID-19 vaccines are full-length spike protein vaccines which a scientific article claims causes genetic damage in its test tube study. It’s a potentially long term adverse effect that can’t be discounted. More studies need to be done, of course. But again, it should generate additional concerns about these vaccines. Perhaps that’s the most important message to focus on with the American people.  That the vaccine spike protein enters cell nuclei, suppresses DNA repair engine of the human body, thus the vaccine permanently and irreparably damages the body and its ability to repair and heal itself.

So, Captain Bailey, what is happening to this country and can we pull it out of the toilet which it seems to be going into?


I just don’t know. I would first observe that the people who are talking about MRNAs and spike proteins, etcetera, etcetera, they are the ones who ought to be spending their time doing that, and not telling soldiers and sailors, airmen and marines that they are going to lose their benefits if they don’t get shots. They don’t know enough about the shots to direct them to do anything. That’s kind of the sum total of where I’m coming from.

But, I would also say, if I were the president, I would call up my flag and general officers in and say “you either resign or retract the orders because we don’t know enough about what is going on to continue to threaten people with loss of their careers and retirement pay. I just happen to know, and I don’t need to have had a lot of test tube experiments run, to understand what is happening.

When you’ve got states like they have in India with 241 million people thereabouts, and they have nobody dying these days, because they’ve given them ivermectin, and I should point out that I couldn’t find any type of tablet form of ivermectin, so I went to the hardware store, and I bought some that said to cows and horses, but it’s OK for people too, you just have to be a little bit more careful about how you dole it out.

But, having said that, and knowing the results of not only the state of Uttar Pradesh in India, but the state of Goa in India, they’ve had fantastic results. They are not rich enough to pay several hundred dollars to give shots to all of their population, so they go with what they could get and they got the ivermectin, and it worked.

And, what can be done on this side, is for the military to lead the way in using ivermectin…

…I took the Moderna shots, and the more I read about the Moderna vaccine, the more frightened I get. But, like I mentioned earlier, John, I’m 82 years old and I consider myself a test tube baby.

The military ought to be taking the lead on testing ivermectin and the hydroxychloroquine as well.


Last question. Are you involved in anything as far as officially, well, non-officially raising awareness about this? Do you have any influence over this? Is anyone listening?


Only peripherally. I’m a member of Citizens Commission on National Security, and they are pointing out things like we are talking about. And I used to be one of the founding members of Special Operations Speaks, and since we’ve had a couple of major political events up in Washington, we’ve kind of dissolved as an organization, but one third of us, there were three of us who started the organization, one guy is left, and that’s a fellow named Ken Benway, a retired Special Forces colonel. And Ken is doing a marvelous job in doing things like you were doing now, organizing radio programs and trying to make people understand what’s at stake here.


Very good. Well, God bless you. Thank you very, very much for all those years of service and for your continued service, and with the Lord’s help, we’ll rescue this thing, but, I’ll tell you, our Lady Liberty is in trouble right now and I think that we had better recognize it, we better get on it in any way we can. The Patton method. Rifle’s out? Use a pistol. Pistol’s out? Throw it at them. Pistol’s gone? Pick up a rock. You know the rest of it. Thank you sir.


Keep up the good work.


You do the same.


Thank you.


Captain Larry Bailey, everybody. United States Navy SEAL. That’s serious. Serious stuff. He knows what he is talking about.