By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | May 15, 2015

In the wake of The American Report and 1776 Channel’s publication of closeup images of Barack Obama Sr.’s fingernails featured in what are supposed to be 1970s era family photos snapped at the Honolulu International Airport, readers have expressed a variety of opinions.

Some readers have suggested that the difference in appearance between Obama Sr.’s hand in the photos with Barack Obama II. and Stanley Ann Dunham can be explained by technical issues, such as digital compression following the scanning of the photos, or the reflection of light from a flash bulb.

Other readers and bloggers have reexamined other Obama family photos, and remain convinced that the airport photos are only two of a large collection of digitally doctored images.

If one were to conclude that the airport photos are indeed composites images created to simulate a family reunion, and that the two left hands of Obama Sr. actually belong to two different individuals, then the next question is: Could the hand embracing Barack Obama Jr. belong to someone else?

Some Obama researchers believe that Frank Marshal Davis is Barack Obama’s real father. That theory remains controversial, yet plausible. Video recently emerged of Barack Obama II. speaking about his memoir “Dreams from My Father” at a library in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1995. During that video, Barack Obama identifies his mentor “Frank” from the book as Frank Marshall Davis. Davis was a known communist operative with a lengthy FBI file.


Other Obama researchers have suggested that Mohammad Subuh could be Barack Obama’s father.

The American Report and 1776 Channel have reviewed images of the fingernails of both Subuh and Davis. The images of Davis’s fingernails were similar enough to those seen embracing young Barack Obama that they warrant further scrutiny. The images are provided here for readers to review and come to their own conclusions.

The fingernail images in the Frank Marshall Davis photos may feature signs of clubbed fingers.