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Did Larry Johnson Unleash Discredited GCHQ Narrative In Failed Attempt To Counter Evidence Obama And CIA Spied On Trump With HAMMER?


By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | February 19, 2022

‘Former’ CIA officer Larry Johnson has been waging an all-out propaganda war to discredit CIA contractor-turned-whistleblower Dennis Montgomery and The American Report’s exposés on HAMMER and SCORECARD.

Politico reported on March 18, 2017:

The former CIA analyst who helped launch the claim that the U.K. spied on Donald Trump is a longtime critic of U.S. intelligence and defender of Russia…

…Larry Johnson, a former CIA analyst and blogger, acknowledges he was one of the sources for Fox News commentator Andrew Napolitano’s claim — later repeated by the White House — that British intelligence services spied on Trump during the election…

…Johnson, a key source for the report that was roundly denied by U.K. and U.S. officials, told POLITICO on Saturday that he received his initial tip from a Democrat who is not in the intelligence community but has ties there…

…He called his original source someone “with a history of having access to national security information.”

So right off the bat, after The American Report on March 17 reported that THE HAMMER, John Brennan and James Clapper spied on President Trump a ‘zillion times,’ Larry Johnson, claiming to have relied as his source a Democrat with ties to the intelligence community, put out the story that it was British GCHQ spying on Trump. And who does Johnson “leak” this supposed information to? Fox News Trump critic Judge Andrew Napolitano who, according to Business Insider, claimed “there is ‘ample and uncontradicted’ evidence that Trump should be removed from office.”

British news outlet The Independent reported on Sunday, March 19, 2017, the very same day that U.S. Navy Admiral James A. “Ace” Lyons (Ret.) and U.S. Air Force Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney (Ret.) took to America’s terrestrial radio airwaves with The American Report’s March 17, 2017 exposé “Whistleblower Tapes: Trump Wiretapped ‘A Zillion Times’ By ‘The Hammer,’ Brennan’s And Clapper’s Secret Computer System”:

The apparent source for Donald Trump’s claims that the UK and Barack Obama illegally wiretapped Trump Tower before the election told CNN that people should “not take [his] word” for it.

Larry C Johnson, the former CIA official turned conspiracy theorist, was discovered to be the person who told Fox analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano that the US President had been subject to illegal surveillance techniques.

He said he had been told the information in January by “two people within the intelligence community”, not directly, but from people who “were in a position to know”…

…He added: “Trump shouldn’t have used the word ‘wiretap’. But clearly, I have seen, there is an information, what I call an information operation, that’s been directed, I believe, directed against President Trump and people like [former Director of the CIA] John Brennan and [former US Director of National Intelligence] Jim Clapper”…

…The day after Mr Trump tweeted the allegations in early March, Mr Johnson was interviewed on Russia Today, where he threw further fuel on the fire about operations to undermine the President.

He was asked this week on CNN why a former US official would agree to talk about the subject on a “Kremlin propaganda network”.

“It’s not a Kremlin propaganda network,” he responded.

Oh, OK.

Larry Johnson: “Sidney [Blumenthal] was the conduit who fed damaging material to me”

Johnson, according to his own admissions, has connections to Sidney Blumenthal, a longtime Hillary Clinton operative.

The Washington Post reported in a September 19, 2016 article titled “Digging deep on the latest Clintonworld birtherism story”:

Blumenthal’s unhelpful surrogate work for Clinton has been exposed many times since, most infamously in emails revealed during the various Freedom of Information Act requests of Clinton’s State Department. But in eight years, the only suggestion that Blumenthal pushed the “birther” story came this weekend. After Asher’s tweets went up, the former pro-Clinton blogger Larry Johnson published his own take, insisting that “Sidney was the conduit who fed damaging material to me” and that “in writing or through a verbal briefing,” Blumenthal had passed on allegations about Obama’s citizenship.

Larry Johnson’s connection to Hillary Clinton operative Blumenthal is even more interesting following the latest actions by Special Counsel John Durham.

Why is Larry Johnson so determined to discredit Dennis Montgomery? Johnson has already admitted that he was fed disinformation from Hillary Clinton operative Sidney Blumenthal.


HAMMERING Out Their Cover Story Two Days Before Trump Inauguration: Obama’s AG Lynch, CIA Boss Brennan Suddenly ‘Updated’ CIA’s 1981 Executive Order 12333 Domestic Bulk Surveillance Guidelines; DURHAM: Clinton Campaign Paid ‘Tech Exec-1’ To Hack Trump Tower, White House

CIA's Updated Exec Order 12333 Attorney General Guidelines JAN 18, 2017 - THE AMERICAN REPORT

By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | The American Report | February 12, 2022

On January 18, 2017, just two days before President Donald Trump’s inauguration, President Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Obama’s CIA Director John Brennan suddenly issued the CIA’s Updated Executive Order 12333 Attorney General Guidelines. Executive Order 12333 was initially issued in 1981.

The CIA’s Updated Executive Order 12333 Attorney General Guidelines were brought into focus on Thursday, February 10, 2022 when the Associated Press reported that U.S. Senators Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Martin Heinrich (D-NM) of the Senate Intelligence Committee wrote a classified April 13, 2021 letter to senior Biden Administration intelligence officials requesting declassification of the Deep Dive II report on illegal CIA bulk collection surveillance data about Americans.

According to CIA contractor-turned-whistleblower Dennis Montgomery, Obama’s intelligence officials John Brennan and James Comey commandeered the powerful foreign surveillance system known as THE HAMMER, originally intended for overseas espionage to spy on terrorists and other U.S. adversaries operating overseas, and instead turned THE HAMMER against the American people, turning the United States into a communist Stasi-style surveillance police state.

New York University’s Just Security wrote on January 18, 2017:

In acknowledgment of the mass scale of modern electronic intelligence collection, the Central Intelligence Agency today released newly updated guidelines governing how it treats Americans’ data that are swept up in the agency’s overseas espionage efforts conducted under Executive Order 12333.

The requirements, set to go into effect on March 18, 2017, are designed to deal with the fact that so much of everyone’s life is spent in the digital space, that the sheer volume of data collected in 21st Century espionage means that Americans’ data will be collected by the agency — in a way that couldn’t be imagined when the previous guidelines were released decades ago.

The new guidelines (full text below), dubbed the Attorney General Guidelines, were developed by the offices of US Attorney General, Loretta Lynch and CIA Director, John Brennan, and they replace a heavily redacted set of predecessor rules that were implemented in 1982. While much of the new regulations are a consolidation of the 1982 documents — and subsequent CIA policy updates for handling Americans’ data that were developed in the years since — the rules announced today lay out several new requirements to deal with the fact that “inherently, there’s going to be more incidental collection” of Americans’ data, CIA Privacy and Civil Liberties Officer Ben Huebner said today during a small press briefing at CIA headquarters in Virginia.

The classified Deep Dive II report was issued by an obscure federal agency called the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board. The part of the Deep Dive II report outlining the CIA’s bulk collection of surveillance data about American citizens remains classified.

In what amounts to a devastating one-two-punch at the Deep State communists this week, on the very next day, Friday, February 11, 2022, Special Counsel John Durham filed an explosive motion alleging that Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign paid ‘Tech Executive-1’ and associates to infiltrate the computer servers Trump Tower and the White House to create the false and contrived narrative that Donald Trump was working with Kremlin forces.

Durham’s filing on Friday “definitely showed the Hillary Clinton campaign directly funded and ordered its lawyers at Perkins Coie to orchestrate a criminal enterprise to fabricate a connection between President Trump and Russia,” said Kash Patel, former chief investigator in the campaign by Representative Devin Nunes (R-CA) at the House Intelligence Committee to discredit the hoax Trump-Russia investigation, according to Fox News.

Kash Patel stated that Durham’s filing “shows that the Hillary Clinton campaign directly funded and ordered its lawyers at Perkins Coie to orchestrate a criminal enterprise to fabricate a connection between President Trump and Russia,” according to the Washington Examiner.

Joe Biden senior 2020 campaign advisor Anita Dunn, a fan of Chinese communist dictator Mao Zedong, is the wife of Perkins Coie partner Robert Bauer.

Robert Bauer previously served as general counsel for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and as President Obama’s White House Counsel.

Robert Bauer’s father, Austrian-born Robert Albert Bauer, worked as an announcer for the Voice of America and as a diplomat. Senator Joseph McCarthy’s prosecutor Roy Cohn questioned Robert Albert Bauer after Bauer fell under suspicion of involvement with subversive communist activities related to Voice of America’s programming in Latin America.

Was the Loretta Lynch – John Brennan January 2017 operation to issue the CIA’s Updated Executive Order 12333 Attorney General Guidelines only two days before President Trump’s inauguration an effort to provide a cover story for the illegal domestic surveillance that was being conducted by Brennan’s CIA and James Comey’s FBI that spied on President Trump via THE HAMMER?

THE HAMMER is the Key to the Coup “The Political Crime of the Century”: How Obama, Brennan, Clapper, and the CIA spied on President Trump, General Flynn … and everyone else

CIA contractor-turned-whistleblower Dennis Montgomery testified under oath in the FBI’s Washington DC Field Office Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) in December 2015 to just that.

Four years before Senators Wyden and Heinrich wrote their letter asking for a declassification of Deep Dive II, The American Report had already broken the story of THE HAMMER surveillance system, showing that the CIA had been illegally spying on Americans, including Donald Trump. 

The CIA holds no charter to spy on Americans.

According to CIA contractor-turned-whistleblower Dennis Montgomery, Obama, Brennan, and Clapper were spying not only on Donald Trump, but were also spying on U.S. Supreme Court Justices and other high profile Americans — for the purpose of “blackmail and leverage.”

Why did Brennan and Lynch, only 48 hours before Donald Trump took office, suddenly update the attorney general’s guidelines on a Reagan-era executive order issued 36 years earlier that addresses CIA domestic surveillance?

Once again, the CIA holds no charter to spy on Americans.

Special Counsel John Durham’s February 11, 2022 motion reportedly states that the Hillary Clinton campaign paid ‘Tech Executive-1’ and associates to infiltrate Trump Tower and White House servers to create the narrative that Trump was working with Russia.

President Trump, on Saturday, March 4, 2017 at 6:35 am via Twitter, accused President Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower just before the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

“Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my ‘wires tapped’ in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!” President Trump tweeted.

The American Report tweeted its response to President Trump’s wiretapping accusation tweet at 9:59 am.

The Washington Examiner reported in a February 12, 2022 article titled “Durham says Democrat-allied tech executive spied on Trump’s White House office”:

Durham revealed in a Friday court filing that he has evidence that [Michael] Sussmann’s other client (dubbed “Technology Executive-1” but known to be former Neustar Senior Vice President Rodney Joffe) “exploited” domain name system internet traffic at “a particular health care provider” (which was likely Spectrum Health), Trump Tower, Trump’s Central Park West apartment building, and “the Executive Office of the President of the United States.”

South African-Born Rodney Joffe Of Neustar

Rodney Joffe (Image: Joi Ito / Creative Commons)

Rodney Joffe was born in South Africa in 1954.

Joffe is Senior Vice President, Security CTO and Fellow at Neustar.

What exactly does Nuestar do? Foreign Policy explained in January 2014:

President Obama announced on Friday that a huge database of all Americans’ phone records will be moved out of the National Security Agency, where it’s currently stored, and kept either with phone companies or a third party. “This will not be simple,” Obama warned. The approach could be more expensive and legally ambiguous than if the government held the records, and it could raise a host of new privacy concerns, the president said.

Who would want, or even be capable of such a job?

Meet Neustar, Inc., a company most people have probably never heard of but have almost certainly dealt with in some form, even if they didn’t know it. If you’ve ever changed cell phone carriers and wanted to keep your old phone number, Neustar “ported” it over for you from one carrier to another. To do that, it keeps a record of all cell phone numbers in the United States. The company also acts as a kind of middleman between law enforcement agencies serving surveillance warrants on telephone companies, ensuring that the companies only give over the amount of information they’re legally required to disclose. 

Who else besides Obama, Brennan, Clapper and James Comey were involved with using THE HAMMER to cook up a false narrative that Russia ‘colluded’ with Trump and interfered in the 2020 election? The Hillary Clinton campaign? Mark Elias? Perkins Coie? The CCP? Peter Strzok? Lisa Page?

According to CIA contractor-turned-whistleblower Dennis Montgomery, Brennan and Clapper illegally commandeered THE HAMMER and relocated it to Fort Washington, Maryland. In addition, a VPN with access to THE HAMMER was set up inside the Obama White House, according to Montgomery.

Did Loretta Lynch have access to THE HAMMER?

Was Loretta Lynch involved in cleaning up and / or covering up THE HAMMER?

What role did FBI General Counsel James Baker play, and how much did he know?

Montgomery turned over 47 computer hard drives of evidence to the FBI in 2015, and received two limited immunity agreements from the FBI and DOJ. After the FBI verified that data on the hard drives, Montgomery provided sworn testimony to FBI and DOJ officials inside a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) at the FBI’s Washington DC Field Office in December, 2015.

According to a March 3, 2018 opinion by U.S. District Judge Richard J. Leon in the case DENNIS MONTGOMERY, et al., Plaintiffs, v. JAMES COMEY, Defendants, Montgomery’s hard drives and sworn testimony were turned over to Irvin Charles “Chuck” McCullough III, who served as the Intelligence Community Inspector General from 2010 to 2018.

Is The Durham Investigation Moving In On THE HAMMER?

Is John Durham taking the entire investigation toward THE HAMMER?

While the information revealed from Senators Wyden and Heinrich is stunning, large swaths of their letter to U.S. intelligence officials are redacted and blacked out. This lack of information indicated that large amounts of detailed information regarding CIA bulk collection programs targeting American citizens has still not been revealed.

The America Report’s series of stories on THE HAMMER covered the statements of CIA contractor-turned-whistleblower Dennis Montgomery, who exposed that in the February 2009 Barack Obama’s intelligence officials John Brennan and James Clapper illegally commandeered and illegally employed a powerful foreign surveillance tool known as THE HAMMER and turned it on the American People for the purpose of “blackmail and leverage.”

According to Montgomery, FBI Director Robert Mueller provided the computers for the powerful HAMMER super surveillance system.

Obama, Brennan, and Clapper relocated THE HAMMER in February 2009 to a secret facility where they expanded the super surveillance system, making it even more powerful, according to Montgomery.

Montgomery holds a TS/SCI security clearance with access to case-specific SAP (Special Access Program) information. Only a few need-to-know TS/SCI clearance holders are ever read into or even made aware of the existence of a Special Access Program (SAP).

Has Durham’s team approached the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community (ICIG) to secure the 47 computer hard drives and the sworn testimony of Dennis Montgomery?

Are Obama and Biden hoping to slow down Durham’s investigation by ushering in a full-blown hot war between the U.S. and Russia, originating along Ukraine’s borders with Russia and Belarus and the surrounding seas?

The stakes could not be higher.

“Whistleblower Tapes: Trump Wiretapped ‘A Zillion Times’ By ‘THE HAMMER,’ Brennan And Clapper’s Secret Computer System”

On March 20, 2017, less than 24 hours after General Thomas McInerney read verbatim over America’s airwaves The American Report’s exposé, titled “Whistleblower Tapes: Trump Wiretapped “A Zillion Times” By ‘The Hammer,’ Brennan’s and Clapper’s Secret Computer System,” FBI Director Comey, during testimony on Capitol Hill concerning “Russian Interference in the 2020 Election,” not only launched the hoax Trump Russian Collusion investigation, but he also mentioned Executive Order 12333:

I do want to specifically mention that among the collection and authorities that we have to target foreign actors in foreign spaces, FISA Section 702 and Executive Order 12333 have been instrumental in our ability to produce the intelligence made available to the committee and others in gathering the SIGINT facts of foreign activity in this election cycle.

The American Report connected President Trump’s March 4, 2017 tweet to whistleblower claims made by CIA contractor-turned-whistelblower Dennis L. Montgomery and to “THE HAMMER” surveillance system that Montgomery had built and that John Brennan and James Clapper had illegally commandeered and utilized.

The American Report also published “The Whistleblower Tapes.”

The Whistleblower Tapes first emerged from U.S. District Judge G. Murray Snow’s courtroom. According to the individual who recorded those audio tapes, the recordings were never supposed to have been made available to the public or to have been heard by the American people.

Montgomery and other individuals whose voices were captured on those  audio recordings stated that the recordings were made without their permission and without their knowledge.

The American Report sent a March 4, 2017 tweet to President Trump notifying the president that he was being spied upon “a zillion times” by Brennan and Clapper, according to CIA contractor-turned whistleblower Dennis Montgomery.

The American Report followed up by publishing the first full length news media report to connect President Trump’s accusations of illegal wiretapping to Dennis Montgomery’s whistleblower claims that Obama’s intelligence officials John Brennan and James Clapper were spying on Trump via THE HAMMER.

The American Report exposé, titled “Whistleblower Tapes: Trump Wiretapped “A Zillion Times” By ‘The Hammer,’ Brennan’s and Clapper’s Secret Computer System,” was first published on March 4, 2017 and again on March 17, 2017 after TheAmericanReport.org website was recovered following a major cyber hacking attack.

The American Report’s HAMMER exposé included embedded audio of the “Whistleblower Tapes” from the American Report’s Soundcloud account.

The American Report Uncovered “THE HAMMER VAULT Secret Data Repository” Long Before The Associated Press Reported on February 10, 2022 That “The CIA has a secret, undisclosed data repository that includes information collected about Americans, two Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee said”

“The CIA has a secret, undisclosed data repository that includes information collected about Americans, two Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee said Thursday,” the Associated Press just reported.

The American Report Previously Reported “THE HAMMER VAULT is a secret data center repository where valuable illegally-collected surveillance data vacuumed up by THE HAMMER, including corporate and military intellectual property and U.S. defense secrets, were securely stored and made accessible only to Obama team insiders”

We previously wrote at The American Report:

The Obama White House provided 1200 preloaded BlackBerry devices to trusted Obama team insiders, including Hunter Biden, according to Montgomery. Those 1200 BlackBerry phones were preloaded with a special digital ‘Rolodex…’

Each of those 1200 White House-provided BlackBerry devices was set up with the capability to access THE HAMMER VAULT and the secrets it held, according to  Montgomery.

THE HAMMER VAULT is a secret data center repository where valuable illegally-collected surveillance data vacuumed up by THE HAMMER, including corporate and military intellectual property and U.S. defense secrets, were securely stored and made accessible only to Obama team insiders.

The American Report also previously reported that “Sensitive information stored in THE HAMMER VAULT was subsequently passed to U.S. adversaries including China and Russia. The DOJ and the FBI are in receipt of that evidence.”

According to a February 10, 2022 press release issued by Senator Wyden’s office:

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Ron Wyden, D-Ore., and Sen. Martin Heinrich, D-N.M., both members of the Senate Intelligence Committee, called for new transparency about bulk surveillance conducted by the Central Intelligence Agency, following the release of documents that revealed a secret bulk collection program and problems with how the agency searches and handles Americans’ information.

Wyden and Heinrich requested the declassification of a report by the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board on a CIA bulk collection program, in a letter sent April 13, 2021. The letter, which was declassified and made public today reveals that “the CIA has secretly conducted its own bulk program,” authorized under Executive Order 12333, rather than the laws passed by Congress.

The letter notes that the program was “entirely outside the statutory framework that Congress and the public believe govern this collection, and without any of the judicial, congressional or even executive branch oversight that comes from [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act] collection.”

“Brennan Concocted Trump-Russia Intelligence ‘Fusion Center’ Narrative As A Cover Story Because Brennan And Clapper Had Illegally Commandeered ‘THE HAMMER’ For Illegal Domestic Surveillance And For Wiretapping Trump, In Violation Of The CIA’s Charter,” we reported in our October 27, 2019 article “Brennan’s “Fusion Center” Fable Is Coverup For “THE HAMMER” Surveillance System  Brennan And Clapper Used To Spy On Trump; Coup Went Into Overdrive March 17, 2017.”

U.S. District Judge Rosemary Collyer: Destroy Evidence Of Illegal Domestic Surveillance Collected On And Before March 17, 2017


Senior U.S. District Judge Rosemary Collyer, Presiding Judge of the U.S. Foreign Surveillance Court, on April 26, 2017, ordered U.S. intelligence agencies to destroy evidence of illegal domestic surveillance collected on and before March 17, 2017, the exact date on which “The American Report” published the first full-length report revealing John Brennan and James Clapper’s use of “THE HAMMER” to wiretap Donald Trump,

the American Reported revealed on December 24, 2019.

Reminiscent of the suspicious timing of Obama’s ‘Depopulation’ Science Czar John P. Holdren’s January 9, 2017 “Recommended Policy Guidance for Potential Pandemic Pathogen Care and Oversight,” a reckless recommendation that federal agencies lift the prohibition of funding of dangerous gain-of-function research that was issued released only 11 days before President Trump’s inauguration, Lynch and Brennan’s Updated Executive Order 12333 Attorney General Guidelines was issued a mere 48 hours before President Trump took power.


America In Peril


Fellow Patriots,

I developed THE FORTNIGHT INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING series with John B. Wells in order  to continue the themes I explored with Mike Lindell in the ABSOLUTE PROOF series of documentary films I conceived and directed as it is imperative we inform the American people of the imminent peril we face. We are looking down the barrel of a gun.

Not only is it not surprising the Olympics are being used as a spreader event — it was expected.

We have been warning for months on THE FORTNIGHT INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING that the Military Games were a spreader event and that the Olympic Games in China would be used for the very same purpose.

In ABSOLUTE PERIL we focused on the China threat and their bioweapons as explained in “Unrestricted Warfare.” Col Sellin as the foremost expert in that area warned the American people.

ABSOLUTE PERIL – The American Report


Subsequently, we continue messaging the American people through THE FORTNIGHT INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING in order to expose the threats we are facing.

China declared war on the globe with Covid and until Covid and its spread are fully investigated China should be treated as the war criminal it is.

Under THE FORTNIGHT INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING/National Security (Col Sellin, General McInerney, General Vallely,  General Flynn, General Arbuckle, General Bishop, General Petty, Col Phil Waldron, Gordon Chang, Terry Turchi, Dr. Li-Meng Yan, Dr. Mike Scheuer, and other national security experts and under THE FORTNIGHT INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING /Medical (a plethora of Frontline doctors)  weighed in to warn America not to participate in the Olympic Games with China.

The testimony before Senator Ron Johnson was revealing. The intentions of Fauci and his cabal has been made clear. The numbers of damaged and dead Americans are astounding.

Americans should be demanding the border be closed to China and to all illegal immigrants as a starting point. Joe Biden’s first responsibility is to protect the American people — a responsibility at which he has failed miserably. One only need look at the damage the Biden Administration has done to our military and America at large to see the fingerprints of the red hand of communism.

The time has come for the American people to stand shoulder to shoulder in order to protect our country and our freedoms.

No one is coming to save us… WE ARE THE PEOPLE WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR.

Mary Fanning

The Fortnight Intelligence Briefing

Telegram: https://t.me/theamericanreport

Archbishop Viganò Endorses Canadian Truck Drivers’ ‘Freedom Convoy’ In Powerful Audio Statement


By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | The American Report | February 7, 2022

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò endorsed Canadian truck drivers who are leading the ‘Freedom Convoy’ and the occupation of Ottawa in protest of the Canadian federal government-ordered vaccine mandate for truck drivers entering Canada from U.S. border crossings.

Archbishop Viganò’s endorsement appeared in a recorded audio statement and written opinion piece published today by LifeSiteNews.

Archbishop Viganò previously sent his Christmas Message to the American People through The American Report for The Fortnight Intelligence Briefing on Ark Midnight with John B. Wells on the Salem Radio Network.

The Canadian truckers’ ‘Freedom Convoy’ has led to wider calls for freedom and liberty across Canada and around the world, prompting an authoritarian Chinese government-style crackdown against the Canadian ‘Freedom Convoy’ truckers and their supporters, carried out by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and other Canadian government authorities.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is an acolyte of Klaus Schwab.

(LifeSiteNews) – Dear Brothers and Sisters Canadian truck drivers,

The global coup that in these two years of psycho-pandemic farce has been carried out by the globalist elite appears most clearly if we do not limit ourselves to considering what happened in individual Nations, but broaden our gaze to what has happened everywhere.

Your protest, dear Canadian truck driver friends, joins a worldwide chorus that wants to oppose the establishment of the New World Order on the rubble of nation states, through the Great Reset desired by the World Economic Forum and by the United Nations under the name of Agenda 2030. And we know that many heads of government have participated in Klaus Schwab’s School for Young Leaders – the so-called Global Leaders for Tomorrow – beginning with Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron, Jacinta Ardern and Boris Johnson, and before that Angela Merkel, Nicolas Sarkozy and Tony Blair.

It would seem that Canada is – along with Australia, Italy, Austria and France – one of the nations most infiltrated by the globalists. And in this infernal project we must not only consider the psycho-pandemic farce, but also the attack on traditions and Christian identity – indeed, more precisely the Catholic identity – of these countries.

You understood this instinctively, and your yearning for freedom was shown in all its coordinated harmony, moving towards the capital Ottawa. Dear truck drivers, you are facing great difficulties, not only because you give up your work to demonstrate, but also because of the adverse weather conditions, long nights in the cold, and attempts to be cleared away that you face. But along with these difficulties you have also experienced the closeness of many of your fellow citizens, who like you have understood the looming threat and want to support you in protesting against the regime. Allow me also to express to you my support and my spiritual closeness, to which I join the prayer that your event may be crowned with success and may also extend to other countries.

In these days we see the masks of tyrants from all over the world fall, and unfortunately we also see so much conformism, so much fearfulness, so much cowardice in people who up until yesterday we regarded as friends, even among our family members. Yet, precisely because of this extreme situation, we discover with amazement gestures of humanity made by strangers, signs of solidarity and brotherhood on the part of those who feel close to us in the common battle. We discover so much generosity and so much desire to shake us from this stupor. We discover that we are no longer willing to passively suffer the destruction of our world imposed by a cabal of unscrupulous criminals, thirsty for power and money.

In this relentless attack on the traditional world, not only your way of life and your identity have been affected, but also your possessions, your activities, and your work. This is the Great Reset, this is the future promised by slogans like Build Back Better, this is the future of billions of people being controlled in their every move, in all their transactions, in every purchase, every bureaucratic practice, every activity. Automatons without souls or wills, deprived of their identity, reduced to having a universal income that allows them to survive, to buy only what others have already decided to put up for sale, transformed by a gene serum into people who are chronically ill.

Today more than ever it is essential that you realize that it is no longer possible to passively assist: it is necessary to take a position, to fight for freedom, to demand respect for natural freedoms. But even more, dear Canadian brothers, it is necessary to understand that this dystopia serves to establish the dictatorship of the New World Order and totally erase every trace of Our Lord Jesus Christ from society, from history, and from the traditions of peoples.

Demonstrate for your rights, Canadian friends: but may these rights not be limited to a simple claim to the freedom to enter supermarkets or not to be vaccinated: may it also be a proud and courageous claim to your sacrosanct right to be free men. But your demonstration should be one of true freedom, reminding you that it is the Truth – that is, Our Lord Jesus Christ – who alone can guarantee you freedom: the truth will make you free.

Let us pray that Christ will return to reign in society, in your hearts and in your families. Take up the spiritual weapon of the Holy Rosary, and pray to the Blessed Virgin, Sainte Ann, Saint George and the Holy Canadian Martyrs to protect your homeland.

I would like to conclude my appeal by asking you to pray with me, with the words that Our Lord has taught us: may they be the seal of this awakening, of this national liberation. Let us all pray it together, out loud, so that our prayer may rise to Heaven, but also so that it may resound powerfully in these squares, in these streets, all the way to the palaces of the powerful:

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name; thy kingdom come; thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation; but deliver us from evil. Amen.

+ Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop

7 February, 2022.

Klaus Schwab Brags That Trudeau, Merkel, Putin Are Former World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders; “We penetrate the cabinets”


By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | The American Report | January 30, 2022

Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum Founder and Executive Chairman, famously predicted “You’ll own nothing” — and “you’ll be happy about it,”

During a 2017 appearance at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government with David Gergen, Schwab boasted about his acolyte Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, who is reportedly in hiding:

I have to say when I mention names like Mrs Merkel, even Vladimir Putin and so on, they have all been Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum, but what we’re really proud of now is the young generation like Prime Minister Trudeau, the President of Argentina and so on.

So we penetrate the cabinets.

So yesterday I was at a reception for Prime Minister Trudeau, and I know that half of his cabinet or even more are Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum.

Klaus Schwab is himself an acolyte of Henry Kissinger.

With endorsements like this, it is no wonder the Canadian truckers behind the Freedom Convoy are demanding that Trudeau must leave office.


Arming The Enemy


By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | The American Report | January 29, 2022

MAYDAY! MAYDAY! MAYDAY! We Are Declaring An Emergency! Obama And Biden Have Been Arming Russia While Disarming the US Military And NATO

On the brink of a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine, remember, Barack Obama and Joe Biden armed Russia while disarming the U.S. military and NATO:

Joe Biden and Barack Obama share deep ties to Russia and China. Even more troubling is the fact that both communist operatives armed Russia and China while disarming the U.S. military and NATO.

With Russian troops massed along Europe’s doorstep and China prepared to invade Taiwan, the situation has become a full-blown national security emergency that could usher in World War III, a global conflict that may already be underway.

In addition to Obama and Biden, other major players led this long-range operation to arm America’s enemies, including Obama administration officials Hillary Clinton at the State Department and Ash Carter at the Defense Department.

In order to understand Putin’s current military buildup along Ukraine’s borders with Russia and Belarus which could lead to Russian forces advancing west with lightning speed toward  NATO members Poland and Romania, it is essential to understand both our reports on Joe Biden’s and Al Gore’s origins within The Council for a Livable World and our shocking 2015 exposé “CLUES UNLOCK OBAMA I.D. MYSTERY: FBI Soviet Spy Files, SUBUD Cult, And A Dead Body.”

An obscure suspected Soviet-Russian front organization known as The Council for a Livable World sponsored the political career of Joe Biden. Thus, The Council for a Livable World has had deep communist tentacles attached to both the Obama and Biden Administrations.

Because the primary military and strategic objectives of The Council for a Livable World have always been to eliminate the U.S. military’s stockpile of nuclear weapons and associated delivery systems and therefore to leave the United States defenseless, it makes perfect sense that the Obama and Biden administrations took steps toward achieving the objectives of The Council for a Livable World and Russia.

Two months before GULFTAINER and Port Canaveral announced their secretly-negotiated container terminal lease deal PROJECT PELICAN, The Washington Times reported in an April 16, 2014 article titled “Removal of military gear limits options for U.S., NATO in Ukraine: Combat teams, aircraft, tanks pulled from Europe”:

The Obama administration has removed all operational combat tanks from Europe and key strike aircraft, limiting the options for a show of force to bolster eastern NATO allies as Russia contemplates invading Ukraine.

Most analysts, and President Obama, say direct military aid to Kiev in the form of weapons, air power or ground troops is off the table.

In the past two years, the Obama administration has deactivated the only two armored combat brigade teams in Europe equipped with the Army’s main M1 battle tanks. It also disbanded a squadron of A-10 ground-attack jets…

…“Ten thousand American troops have moved west out of Europe,” said Mr. Coffey, an analyst at The Heritage Foundation. “Ten thousand British soldiers have moved west out of Germany, while thousands of Russian soldiers have moved west to the Ukraine.”

“For the first time in 70 years, there’s not a single U.S. tank on European soil that can be used for combat operations,” he said…

…The 67,000 U.S. troops in Europe are down from a Cold War peak of 400,000.

It was under the watch and under the intentional stand-down of the Obama-Biden Administration in early 2014 that Putin and Russia annexed the Crimea.

With Biden in the White House now, and with Obama pulling the strings from the shadows, Act II of the Obama – Biden surrender of Europe to Russia is well underway.

Jen Psaki, during a recent appearance on The View, slipped up when she started to reveal who she really works for: President Obama.


Trudeau Goes Into Hiding As State-Run CBC Suggests Russia Behind Canadian Trucker ‘Freedom Convoy’: LIVESTREAM Videos From Ottawa


By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | The American Report | January 29, 2022

The Canadian trucker ‘Freedom Convoy’ protesting vaccine mandates arrived at Canada’s capital city of Ottawa today while Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reportedly went into hiding.

“Amid security concerns, Trudeau and his family have been moved from their home to an undisclosed location in the nation’s capital, sources said,” state-run media outlet Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) reported.

The CBC went so far as to suggest that Russian operatives have infiltrated the convoy in an effort to overthrow the Canadian government. “There is concern that Russian actors could be continuing to fuel things as this protest grows, but perhaps even instigating it from the outset,” a CBC anchor stated.

LIVESTREAM Coverage Of The Canadian Trucker Freedom Convoy



Globalist Tyrant Trudeau Decries “Unacceptable Views” Of Freedom Convoy Supporters Protesting Canada’s Trucker Vaccine Mandate


By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | The American Report | January 27, 2022

A convoy of truckers from across Canada are en route to Canada’s capital Ottawa to object to the vaccine mandate requirement for truckers crossing the U.S. – Canada border that has been implemented under the government of far-left Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The Freedom Convoy has been raising money via a GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign.

The founders of the Freedom Convoy came onto Caravan To Midnight, hosted by John B. Wells and broadcast across the Salem Radio Network, on January 27, 2022 and available on demand on CloutHub.

Pat King, one of the convoy’s organizers, stated in a January 26, 2022 Rumble video:

When they call you fascist, it’s because they’re fascist. When they call you racist, it’s because they’re racist. And they’re paid very well. Justin Trudeau allocated $45 million to an anti-hate Canada page and all they do is smear people. And I know this for a fact because I’ve been one of their biggest fans. Because they love me. They love to try to trash me because I’m over the target. And when you’re over the target, you catch a lot of flack.

Trudeau said on January 26, 2022, “The small fringe minority of people who are on their way to Ottawa who are holding unacceptable views that they are expressing do not represent the views of Canadians who have been there for each other, who know of that following the science and stepping up to protect each other is the best way to continue to ensure our freedoms, our rights, our values, as a country.”

It is not a fringe minority. It is the Canadian people standing up to Trudeau’s steel fist of fascism.

“Justin Trudeau invited China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to send its troops for cold weather training at CFB Petawawa in Ontario,” Rebel News revealed in December 2020, citing “The China Files, a 34-page access to information document released by the Trudeau government to Rebel News.”

The Freedom Convoy truckers are using the following hashtags across social media:

  • #NoVaxxPass
  • #NoMandatesEver
  • #TrudeauMustGo
  • #O’ToolMustGo
  • #ANTIFA/SpreadsLies

For decades, the Trudeau family has maintain extremely close ties to Cuba’s communist regime. In 1976, Justin Trudeau’s father Pierre Trudeau declared ‘Viva Castro.’ 

Leftist activists in Canada are calling for GoFundMe to shut down crowdfunding of the Freedom Convoy.


John Holdren Is A Professor At Tsinghua, Chinese University Exposed In True-Story Movie “Unsilenced”; Obama-Biden Bioweapon ‘Depopulation Czar’ Pushed Gain Of Function; Students Who Practiced Falun Gong Targeted By Tsinghua Professors, Then Tortured, Executed By CCP Police


“Biological warfare laboratories are potential sources of a man made ‘solution’ to the population explosion” — Tsinghua University Visiting Distinguished Professor John P. Holdren, formerly the Obama-Biden Administration’s ‘Depopulation’ Science Czar who 11 days before President Trump’s inauguration recommended lifting the ban on gain-of-function research, in his chilling 1977 book Ecoscience: Population, Resources, Environment

By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | The American Report | January 22, 2022

Beijing’s Tsinghua University, where former Obama-Biden Administration ‘Depopulation’ Science Czar John P. Holdren was appointed Visiting Distinguished Professor after he recommended lifting the ban on gain-of-function research funding 11 days before President Trump’s inauguration, is the focus of “Unsilenced,” a new movie opening in select theaters in dozens of U.S. cities this weekend.

“Unsilenced” recounts how Tsinghua University administrators and faculty, CCP officials, and Chinese Communist Police collaborated to disappear, torture, imprison, and execute Tsinghua students and graduates who belonged to the Falun Gong spiritual movement.

The American Report revealed on June 18, 2021:

John P. Holdren, former Obama-Biden White House Science Czar, is “Visiting Distinguished Professor at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China,” Chinese dictator Xi Jinping’s alma mater, according to an official biography of Holdren posted at Harvard University’s website.

“Tsinghua University is designated very high risk for its high level of defence research and alleged involvement in cyber attacks,” according to the China Defence Universities Tracker, “a database of Chinese institutions engaged in military or security-related science and technology research” created by the Australian Strategic Policy Center (ASPC) International Cyber Policy Centre.

Tsinghua University hosts eight major Chinese defense laboratories, conducts classified Chinese military research projects, and engages in espionage, according to the China Defence Universities Tracker.

“Unsilenced” is based upon true events.

UPI reported in a December 23, 2001 report titled “Six jailed for Falun Gong Internet info”:

HONG KONG, Dec. 23 — China jailed six scholars for retrieving information about the outlawed Falun Gong spiritual movement on the Internet and sending it to others, according to a Hong Kong-based human rights group.

The Information Center for Human Rights and Democracy in China said Sunday a Beijing court sentenced six Falun Gong followers, four of them graduate students from the Tsinghua University.

The rights group said the scholars were sentenced to between three and 12 years. It said the six were detained between January to April of this year. It said nine others are still to appear in court.

The information center said two of those jailed were a married couple, Liu Wenyu and Yao Yue, scientists at Tsinghua University. It was not clear if all six were acting individually or as a group.

Last week the rights group said a Falun Gong member died while in police custody after being beaten. It said Zhang Min was forced to swallow salt water by police and was the 186th Falun Gong member to have died at the hands of Chinese authorities since the movement was banned.

The information center said Zhang was arrested after handing out Falun Gong leaflets. She died Dec. 5 in the Number two Detention Center in Yilan in Heilongjiang province, more than 700 miles northeast of Beijing, said the center.

According to the film’s official website, www.unsilencedmovie.com:

Based on true events, “Unsilenced” follows Wang, a university student in Beijing, and his friends as their carefree days are shattered by the 1999 order that banned the spiritual practice Falun Gong in China. As the state churns out lies and starts brutally suppressing voices of dissent, they cross paths with Daniel, a cynical American reporter struggling to find meaning in his profession in the country he loves. With the risk of prison, torture, and even death looming over them, they must all make a choice: to go with their conscience and speak the truth, or to remain silent as atrocious crimes go on behind closed doors.

Actor Sam Trammell plays Daniel Davis, an American reporter for the ‘Chicago Tribune’ stationed in Beijing. Over the course of the film, Davis breaks the story of the CCP’s propaganda campaign of lies designed to paint the peaceful Falun Gong movement as a deadly national security threat.

Actress Jie-Fei Huang plays Secretary Wu, a powerful and cruel Chinese Communist Party member who holds a high-level post at Tsinghua University and who persecutes student leaders within the Falun Gong movement.

Taiwanese actor Tzu-Chiang Wang plays Secretary Wang, a brutal CCP official tasked with snuffing out the Falun Gong movement who personally oversees and participates in the excruciatingly painful torture and execution of Tsinghua students who challenged the CCP’s anti-Falun Gong propaganda campaign by hanging banners and distributing flyers in defense of their spiritual movement.

Holdren Is The Link Between Obama, Biden, Daszak, Fauci, and Tsinghua University

The close ties between the Obama and Biden administrations, the scientific architects of the SARS-CoV-2 unrestricted bioweapon which include Holdren, Peter Daszak, and Anthony Fauci, and, and the brutal Chinese communists running the CCP and Tsinghua University, leave no doubt that the CCP and its minions are laser focused on brutally killing other humans, whether they be Falun Gong students or hundreds of thousands of Americans killed by the CCP unrestricted bioweapon.


Brutal Communist Police Tactics Depicted In “Unsilenced” Now Increasingly Common In Western Countries Including U.S. And Australia Amid Authoritarian Pandemic Rules

Corporate media in the U.S. has spent years hiding from the American people the full extent of the Communist Chinese Party’s brutal and barbaric methods of maintaining its iron grip on power.

“Unsilenced” does not hold back in depicting the CCP’s shocking crimes against humanity waged against Tsinghua University students and alumni who practice Falun Gong. 

As horrific as the methods of the CCP’s secret police are, their tactics depicted in the movie are not that far removed from tactics increasingly used by police enforcing COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns and vaccine passport rules in western countries including the United States and Australia.

For example, in New York City, police reportedly ‘arrested’ a nine year old girl for refusing to show a vaccine passport at New York’s Natural History Museum.


How much will we tolerate? Is there a level of outrage or a moment in time when Americans will finally say NO!  At what point do the American people take back their country? Is it when the thugs take away our children? How many must they destroy?

Yes, we have gone far past Lexington and Concord.

In Australia, the situation is even worse, as evident in the following video:

NBA owner Chamath Palihapitiya, co-owner of the Golden State Warriors and a major supporter of the Democratic Party, recently said that no one cares about human rights abuses in China against Uyghurs.


The Communist Revolution is underway in America.

The Patriot Act and the Smith-Mundt Modernization of 2012 embrace propaganda as a tool of deception.

Our constitutional rights are being shredded before us.


“Let Me Know When The Pandemic Starts” CIA Contractor-Turned Whistleblower Dennis Montgomery Told The FBI In December 2015


By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | The American Report | January 18, 2022

“Let me know when the pandemic starts,” CIA contractor-turned whistleblower Dennis Montgomery stated in a chilling parting shot to government officials in December 2015 as he left the SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) at the FBI’s Washington D.C. Field Office.

Montgomery had just spent hours inside the SCIF providing sworn national security-related testimony to FBI and DOJ officials.

It had been a long day. Under the protection of two limited immunity agreements provided by the DOJ and the FBI, Montgomery, isolated from the prying eyes, ears, and electronics of the outside world by the walls of the FBI’s SCIF, and while being recorded by an FBI video camera, talked.

What did Montgomery tell the FBI about CIA Director John Brennan, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, President Barack Obama, and THE HAMMER?

Clapper, Brennan, and Obama had illegally-commandeered the powerful foreign surveillance tool THE HAMMER and turned it against the American people.

Why would Montgomery reference “the coming pandemic” to the FBI and the DOJ in 2015?

Montgomery had just testified under oath for hours to the DOJ’s  Assistant U.S. Attorney Deborah Curtis and FBI Special Agents William Barnett and Walter Giardina, better known as FBI Director James Comey’s two top guys?

What had been revealed in that SCIF that Montgomery would reference a coming pandemic?

Everything Montgomery revealed was true, otherwise, Montgomery would not have received his second immunity agreement. If Montgomery had lied about anything, he would have been arrested.

Montgomery has held a TS/SCI security clearance with access to SAP information since 2002.

Sources inside the government revealed that Chinese scientists connected to the PLA and the CCP were stealing biotechnology information from Fort Detrick and the CDC and were giving it to the Chinese embassy in Washington DC and the Chinese consulate. This information was known by the DOJ and FBI by 2015, well ahead of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Brennan and Clapper were intimately aware of every substantial bit of intelligence that THE HAMMER collected.

What data was stored on the 47 computer hard drives that Montgomery had turned over to the FBI and the DOJ in 2015?

What did CIA Director John Brennan, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, FBI Director James Comey and President Obama  do to stop the CCP and the PLA from stealing sensitive bioresearch from Fort Detrick and the CDC?

They were well aware that China was stealing United States secrets and its biodefense research.

The FBI verified Montgomery’s data before Montgomery provided his sworn testimony in December 2015.

In 2015, when Montgomery turned over the 47 hard drives and provided his sworn testimony inside the FBI SCIF, the FBI was under the control of President Barack Obama and FBI Director James Comey. The very same James Comey who famously and shamelessly told New York Magazine that he used to be a communist and isn’t sure what he is now.

The very same Comey who received information about the Chinese infiltration of Fort Detrick and the CDC, and the disastrous theft of U.S. biodefense data by the Chinese Communist Party and by China’s military, the PLA. Comey did nothing to defend America’s national security. He buried the critical intelligence that showed the perilous risk America faced.

Montgomery sued James Comey in 2018 for burying the national security evidence that Montgomery provided to the FBI.

In a 2018 opinion, U.S. District Court Judge Richard Leon wrote that Montgomery’s hard drives and the U.S. government’s recordings of Montgomery’s testimony were in the custody of the Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG). The ICIG from 2010 to 2018 was Irwin Charles McCullough III. McCullough is a former FBI Special Agent.

Fort Detrick To Fort Washington To China, Via THE HAMMER VAULT

Let the gravity of Montgomery’s statement sink in.

Montgomery testified about President Obama, CIA Director John Brennan, and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. Montgomery was exposing that Obama, Brennan and Clapper had illegally commandeered a powerful foreign surveillance tool that previously required 17 echelons of safeguards and signoffs ,including FISA court approval, in order to gain access.

Top secret data was being transferred from Fort Detrick and the CDC into Fort Washington, where it was stored in THE HAMMER VAULT before being transferred to China.

Understand, THE HAMMER is a Special Access Program (SAP), part of the highest echelon of U.S. intelligence. America’s state secrets were being given or sold to China.

Obama, Brennan, and Clapper had illegally turned the powerful  super surveillance system against Americans, including 109 Members of Congress, members of the Supreme Court including Justice John Roberts and Justice Antonin Scalia, Article III judges, military leaders, business leaders and American law firms, for the purpose of “blackmail and leverage.”

Brennan and Clapper had a VPN installed that directly connected THE HAMMER in Fort Washington to the Obama White House.

Montgomery handed over to the FBI 47 computer hard drives of documented and verified evidence. Those  600 million pages of illegally-harvested documents, when stacked one upon another, stood 30 miles high.  Montgomery handed over those 47 hard drives in August of 2015 at the FBI’s Miami Field Office to Assistant U. S. Attorney Deborah Curtis, and FBI Special Agents William Barnett and Walter Giardina.

The DOJ and FBI turned a blind eye when Obama, Brennan, and Clapper started stealing state secrets, including from Fort Detrick, and putting them into the HAMMER VAULT at Fort Washington before transferring them to America’s adversaries.

We previously reported at The American Report:

The Obama White House provided 1200 preloaded BlackBerry devices to trusted Obama team insiders, including Hunter Biden, according to Montgomery. Those 1200 BlackBerry phones were preloaded with a special digital ‘Rolodex…’

Each of those 1200 White House-provided BlackBerry devices was set up with the capability to access THE HAMMER VAULT and the secrets it held, according to  Montgomery.

THE HAMMER VAULT is a secret data center repository where valuable illegally-collected surveillance data vacuumed up by THE HAMMER, including corporate and military intellectual property and U.S. defense secrets, were securely stored and made accessible only to Obama team insiders.

Sensitive information stored in THE HAMMER VAULT was subsequently passed to U.S. adversaries including China and Russia. The DOJ and the FBI are in receipt of that evidence.

What Information Was Shared That Led Montgomery To State “Let Me Know When The Pandemic Starts”?

Specifically, what information about bioresearch was shared during the grueling hours inside the SCIF that led up to Montgomery’s parting shot “Let me know when the pandemic starts”?

Is this why the Obama-Biden Administration’s Science Czar John P. Holdren, just 11 days before President Trump’s January 2017 inauguration, recommended that U.S. federal agencies lift the ban on gain-of-function research? Was this an effort to cover up for the fact that sensitive biotechnology data had already been illegally transferred from the United States to China? Had gain-of-function research already been implemented?

Biotechnology wasn’t the only thing that went to China. So too did John Holdren. After Holdren recommended lifting the ban on gain-of-function research, he accepted a teaching position at Beijing’s Tsinghua University, Xi Jinping’s alma mater.

DARPA rejected a 2018 research proposal from Peter Daszak’s Ecohealth Alliance on the basis that the project potentially involved dangerous gain-of-function research.

It has been known since 2005 when General Chi Haotian gave two speeches to top level CCP insiders, that the CCP and the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) wanted to kill 100 to 200 million Americans in order to secure the Chinese Century.

General Chi Haotian, who was China’s Minister of Defense from 1995 to 2002, wanted to confiscate America, including her water and her land for the Chinese people.

General Chi was willing to sacrifice one third of China’s 1.4 billion people in order to accomplish that goal. General Chi Haotian cited Biological weapons as the means to that end.

Knowing General Chi Haotian’s long-range plan to use bioweapons against America, why did the FBI and the DOJ bury Montgomery’s evidence and allow China’s unrestricted biowarfare plans to move forward?

One And The Same: The Team That Took Montgomery’s Hard Drive Evidence And Sworn Testimony Is The Same Team Behind The Hoax Trump Russian Collusion Conspiracy And The Prosecution Of General Flynn

Questioning Montgomery during his hours-long testimony that day were the DOJ’s Assistant U.S. Attorney Deboarah Curtis, FBI General Counsel James Baker, and James Comey’s’ two right hand men,’ FBI Special Agents Walter Giardina and William Barnett. These are all of the same players who were involved in the Russian Collision coup d’etat against President Donald Trump.

FBI Director James Comey and FBI General Counsel James Baker, along with CIA Director  John Brennan, would soon be at the very center of the coup to take down President Trump via the hoax Russian Collusion conspiracy theory.

Data Collected By Brennan And Clapper With THE HAMMER and Provided By Montgomery To The FBI Was Used In Cyber Attacks On U.S. Infrastructure

Domestic secrets that were unlawfully collected by James Clapper and John Brennan via the illegally-commandeered HAMMER were now being used to hack into sensitive U.S. infrastructure.

America’s adversaries were able to access sensitive national security data at U.S. government agencies by exploiting vulnerabilities in SolarWinds network monitoring software products.

We previously disclosed at The American Report on May 17, 2021:

The domestic surveillance information that was illegally collected with THE HAMMER by John Brennan and James Clapper and subsequently turned over to the FBI and DOJ under immunity agreements is now being used to hack U.S. critical infrastructure, according to the whistleblower.

First, access was achieved to SolarWinds which is access to all U.S. National Security information that protects the United States. Someone was provided with those passwords that were collected by Brennan and Clapper and given to the FBI and DOJ…

…The information that was turned over to the FBI in 2015 and eventually ended up in the hands of U.S. adversaries included the stolen login credentials for 92 Colonial Pipeline employees and for five Colonial Pipeline network administrators.

The information turned over to the FBI included the access points where America was most vulnerable to hacking.

The FBI and the DOJ did nothing to protect America’s infrastructure. They left U.S. infrastructure wide open to attack, and attacks against America ensued. The FBI and the DOJ’s lack of action left America vulnerable to hacking.

American taxpayers’ dollars paid for this shoddy national security posture and for the salaries of the corrupt officials behind this subterfuge.

Unrestricted Warfare

What was happening is that Unrestricted Warfare was being carried out, by the book, against the United States of America.

Everything the Biden Administration does is designed to assist China, or the Bidens.

China has benefitted from record 18 percent GDP growth while the U.S. economy is hampered by the highest inflation in 40 years, supply chain breakdowns, exploding crime rates, terrorism from BLM, Antifa, and foreign jihadis, and cybewarfare rattacks against U.S. election infrastructure.

It would be wise national security policy for the U.S. to pull out of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games in light of the release of SARS-CoV-2 during the 2019 Military World Games in Wuhan and the recent emergence of a frightening hemorrhagic disease in China.

Why should any nation honor the genocidal communist maniac Xi Jinping after hundreds of thousands of Americans were killed by China’s unrestricted bioweapon?