The FBI, under Director Robert Mueller, now special counsel for Trump Russia collusion investigation, supplied the computers for “The Hammer” surveillance system that Brennan and Clapper used to spy on Donald Trump, according to CIA whistleblower Dennis Montgomery. So why is Mueller leading the investigation?

By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | July 13, 2017

Former FBI Director Robert Mueller, currently Special Counsel in the Russia investigation, provided FBI computers to a secret CIA/NSA surveillance program that was launched in 2004. That program morphed into a domestic surveillance program that spied on Donald Trump and his associates.

This is according to former CIA/NSA/DIA subcontractor-turned-whistleblower Dennis Montgomery and his attorney Larry Klayman.

According to Montgomery:

“This is very, very, very powerful technology, and it was created under Robert Mueller’s watch. The last person I would think that should be investigating Donald Trump is Robert Mueller, who was collecting information on Donald Trump ten years ago … Mueller has a huge conflict of interest, a huge conflict of interest.”

Klayman, the founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, did not mince words when explaining the dangerous high-stakes maneuvering around Montgomery’s case:

“These are vicious people. These people are capable of killing people to keep this thing secret. That’s why, Congress I believe, doesn’t want to look into this. They are afraid of them too. They are more powerful than the President of the United States … This government knows no bounds.”

Special Counsel Mueller’s alleged involvement in a secret surveillance program said to have targeted Trump came to light during the July 8, 2017 broadcast of the radio program “Special Prosecutor with Larry Klayman.”

According to former billionaire Tim Blixseth, whose ex-wife was Montgomery’s business partner, the CIA decided in 2009 to expand the surveillance program by dedicating $5 million in additional computer hardware.

According to Blixseth, the new equipment gave the surveillance program the far greater technical power needed for hacking into secure networks and devices.

On Klayman’s radio show, Montgomery discussed his claim that under Mueller, the FBI provided computers used to spy on Trump and other Americans.

Montgomery added journalists and reporters to the list of individuals and groups that he has identified as alleged surveillance targets. He also added embattled Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy. Montgomery had previously indicated that Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts and 156 judges were also surveillance targets.

Bundy, who is currently incarcerated while awaiting trial, has been under surveillance since 2003, claims Montgomery.

Klayman separately interviewed Carol Bundy, Cliven Bundy’s wife.

Montgomery said, “I remember providing information to the FBI on the Bundys in Nevada. They started collecting information on them in 2003. They collected their phone records, who they were talking with, etc.”

Klayman added:

“It was heavy-handedness by the Bureau of Land Management that was then being run by a lackey, a former corrupt Senator from Las Vegas, Harry Reid, and President Barack Obama, that were trying to take his land away from him … Dennis just revealed that the intelligence agencies were actually surveilling the Bundy family, trying to set them up, trying to destroy them. Harry Reid, then Senator from Nevada, wanted to take their land away. He was reportedly trying to sell it to the Chinese. He was working with Obama to do that.”

Montgomery says that he worked on the domestic collection program not only under former FBI Director Mueller, but also under his successor FBI Director James Comey. President Trump fired James Comey on May 9, 2017.

Montgomery says that he was also tasked with surveilling innocent Americans for former CIA Director John Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. The authors previously identified audio tapes of Montgomery and Blixseth. Blixseth refers to a program called “The Hammer,” probably the CIA’s plugin implanter called HAMR, described in Wikileaks Vault 7 documents.

Obama’s surveillance Hammer on Trump worse than Watergate

Montgomery claims to have designed the surveillance program but decided to become a whistleblower because it was being used to conduct illegal and unconstitutional surveillance of innocent Americans. Montgomery is alleged to have submitted eighteen whistleblower complaints. On an audio tape, Blixseth said:

“He filed eighteen whistleblower complaints, with the inspector general of the Air Force, inspector general of the CIA, inspector general of the United States, (Attorney General Eric) Holder. He sent an actual letter to Obama, and to his private fax number, and how the hell he got it I don’t know … So, he got rejected eighteen times.”

On June 5, 2017 Montgomery and Klayman filed a federal lawsuit against the following former and current federal officials and federal agencies, named as defendants:

  • Barack Obama, as an individual and in his past official capacity as President of the United States;
  • James Comey, as an individual and in his past official capacity as former Director of the FBI;
  • The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI);
  • Admiral Michael S. Rogers, as an individual, and in his official capacity as Director of the NSA;
  • The National Security Agency (NSA);
  • John Brennan, as an individual and in his former official capacity as Director of the CIA;
  • Michael Pompeo, as an individual and in his official capacity as Director of the CIA;
  • The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA);
  • James R. Clapper, as an individual and in his past official capacity as Director of National Intelligence;
  • Dan Coats, as an individual and in his official capacity as Director of National Intelligence.

The pleadings in the lawsuits allege:

“Defendants Rogers, Pompeo, Coats, Obama, Comey, Clapper, and Brennan acted outside the scope of their employment, in their personal capacities, and through their surrogates still embedded in the Trump administration (the ‘Obama Deep State’) to illegally and unconstitutionally spy on millions of Americans, including Plaintiffs, without probable cause or a warrant.”

The case is being heard by Judge Richard J. Leon, Senior United States District Judge of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia. Judge Leon ruled in Klayman’s favor in the landmark case Klayman v. Obama, which also concerned NSA surveillance, a ruling which was challenged on appeal by the government.

Judge Royce C. Lamberth, another Senior Federal District Judge for the District of Columbia, who struck a limited immunity agreement for Montgomery with the FBI, calls Montgomery’s and Klayman’s case “the pinnacle of national importance,” says Klayman.

Judge Lamberth, who formerly served as Chief Judge of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Court, helped arrange the limited immunity deal under which Montgomery turned over 47 hard drives, alleged to be storing over 600 million pages of documentation, to James Comey’s office at the FBI on August 19, 2015.

Montgomery stated:

“I produced 600 million pages. If you printed out each page it would be thirty miles high stacked one on top of another. The information is very sensitive information. They collected google searches, credit cards, phone records, images, pictures, anything and everything, and they did it for one reason: leverage. They didn’t know when, but they knew sooner or later they would need that information to use for those leverage against a person … The amount of information is mind-boggling, and I gave all of that to FBI Director Comey’s office.”

Special Counsel Mueller hired 13 lawyers to investigate the Russia-Trump collusion, saying, “Legality has been assured” although Comey and Clapper both admitted during official congressional testimony that they had found nothing.

While he was FBI Director, Comey informed President Trump on three separate occasions that the President was not under investigation. All 13 attorneys that Mueller hired are Democrats, many of whom donated to the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign, according to Klayman, who called them “ultra-leftists.”

Klayman added:

“It is clear Mueller is intending to issue indictments. It is clear he intends to prosecute. He (Mueller) may not be able to prosecute President Trump because he is president, but he will prosecute the people in and around Trump to create such a stench that he will refer that on to Congress for the impeachment of President Trump.”

Mueller previously testified under oath to Congress that all surveillance carried out by the NSA was legal:

“The challenge in a position such as I have held for the past eleven years is to balance on the one hand the security of the nation and on the other hand the civil liberties that we enjoy in this country … One of the things we do insist upon and assure is that any endeavor we undertake, addressing national security, is legal … The programs to which you refer, the legality has been assured by the Department of Justice. The FISA court … has assured the legality of the efforts undertaken in these two programs … Congress has been briefed … If the line is to be drawn differently, so be it. We would follow that to the letter of the law.”

Were there any other surveillance programs, besides the two that Director Mueller was referencing? Could “the Hammer” have been conducting domestic surveillance without the knowledge, consent, and oversight of Congress and the FISA Court?

While Mueller was FBI Director, Comey served as deputy attorney general from 2003 to 2005. Former FBI Special Agent Coleen Rowley, who claims to have met Mueller, became a whistleblower on pre 9/11 intelligence failures.

Rowley claims in a video interview:

“Both of these figures, Mueller and James Comey, first of all, they became very close … Mueller and Comey both got undeserved reputations as being men of integrity … again, these two were close.”

In April 2017 the FISA Court revealed that the NSA under Obama, illegally spied on Americans, abusing their Fourth Amendment rights. The FISA Court referred to the situation as a “very serious Fourth Amendment issue.” The NSA intends to “delete the vast majority of its upstream Internet data to further protect the privacy of U.S. person communications.”

Adding injury to injury, the Obama Administration’s NSA claims to have destroyed vast quantities of evidence of their illegal surveillance. The destruction of evidence may make it impossible for those who have been damaged by the Obama Administration’s illegal actions to sue for damages. According to Klayman, “An order leaked by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) revealed that intelligence agencies were committing these crimes … Who sat on top of this?”

That, of course, was Comey at the FBI. That order revealed that Comey’s FBI was engaged in illegal surveillance. So was the NSA. So was the CIA. So was the Director of National Intelligence, which oversees these intelligence agencies.