By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | The American Report | May 17, 2021 

A CIA contractor-turned-whistleblower who in 2015 during the Obama administration met with James Comey’s FBI officials, including FBI General Counsel James Baker, in a classified debriefing and alerted those FBI officials of critical infrastructure cyber vulnerabilities, says that the information he provided to the FBI was subsequently transferred by rogue FBI officials or other rogue US officials to enemies of the United States. The information was released today at the website BLXWARE.ORG.

The information was originally collected by Obama White House Homeland Security Adviser and future CIA Director John Brennan along with Director of National Intelligence James Clapper after the two rogue intelligence illegally commandeered a U.S. government foreign surveillance tool known as THE HAMMER.

The whistleblower brought the information to the FBI in 2015.

The FBI did not prosecute Brennan or Clapper for turning THE HAMMER foreign surveillance tool against America.

James Comey’s FBI demanded to be provided with a copy of the SCORECARD source code, according to the whistleblower. SCORECARD is the election and voting exploit that works off of THE HAMMER framework.

James Comey is the same FBI official who once told New York Magazine that he used to be a communist and isn’t sure what he is now.

The FBI took possession of the critical information provided by the whistleblower, including the SCORECARD source code that monitors elections and runs off of THE HAMMER, and buried it — or did they?

The CIA contractor-turned-whistleblower implanted a unique digital signature within the source code. That source code with the embedded unique digital signature subsequently emerged in China and was used in China’s cyberwarfare attack on the 2020 U.S. federal election. The Chinese cyberwarfare attack stole the election from President Trump and handed it over to Joe Biden.

PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY: Biden Rescinded Trump Order That Banned Use Of Chinese Transformers In US National Electric Power Grid, Leaving US Grid Vulnerable To Chinese Cyberware Attack 

Biden provided a potential “cover story” for any future cyberwafare attack by China against the U.S. power grid, a.k.a. “plausible deniability.”

President Biden rescinded President Trump’s order that had banned the use of Chinese transformers and other Chinese equipment in the U.S. national power grid. Biden’s action leaves the U.S. power grid vulnerable to a Chinese cyberwarfare attack, beyond the vulnerability already created when rogue U.S. officials handed over the critical infrastructure cyber access points to America’s adversaries.

Why else would Biden override President Trump’s order that protected the U.S. power grid from China?

The Institute for Energy Research reported:

Issued on December 17, 2020, Trump’s Secretary of Energy Dan Brouillette issued a “prohibition order designed to reduce the risks that entities associated with the People’s Republic of China pose to the Nation’s Bulk Power System” to be effective on January 16, 2021. “The order prohibits utilities that supply critical defense facilities (CDF) from procuring from the People’s Republic of China, specific bulk power electric equipment that poses an undue risk to the bulk power system, the security or resilience of critical infrastructure, the economy, national security, or safety and security of Americans”…

…For Biden to revoke President Trump’s order means that he is not concerned about potential threats to the U.S. electric grid by China.

Did Hunter Biden’s $1.5 billion deal with Chinese companies influence his father’s decision to once again make the U.S. power grid vulnerable to a Chinese cyberwafare attack? Could Hunter Biden’s $1.5 billion Chinese deal have been an influence operation?

Whistleblower: Info Turned Over To FBI Under 2015 Immunity Agreements Now Being Used To Hack US Critical Infrastructure; Info Was Used In SolarWinds Hack And Colonial Pipeline Hack; Nuclear Power Stations And US Electric Grid Now At High Risk 

The domestic surveillance information that was illegally collected with THE HAMMER by John Brennan and James Clapper and subsequently turned over to the FBI and DOJ under immunity agreements is now being used to hack U.S. critical infrastructure, according to the whistleblower.

First, access was achieved to Solar Winds which is access to all U.S. National Security information that protects the United States. Someone was provided with those passwords that were collected by Brennan and Clapper and given to the FBI and DOJ.

Second, access was achieved into the Colonial Pipeline.

This information was all turned over to the FBI, including the access points that were vulnerable to hacking.

The information that was turned over to the FBI in 2015 and eventually ended up in the hands of U.S. adversaries included the stolen login credentials for 92 Colonial Pipeline employees and for five Colonial Pipeline network administrators.

Bad actors within the U.S. government used THE HAMMER to steal login credentials from the following list of Colonial Pipeline offices, according to the whistleblower:

Meetings were held at the Pentagon explaining these vulnerabilities to U.S. critical infrastructure, according to the whistleblower.

The website BLXWARE.ORG is now warning that U.S. adversaries to whom bad actors within the U.S. government provided details about specific cyber access points to U.S. critical infrastructure, are probably moving on to their next likely targets: U.S.  nuclear power plants and the U.S. national electric power grid.

Whoever has their hands on this information now are going line by line through the information that was handed over by the whistleblowers to the FBI and the DOJ..

Someone is selling the SAP (Special Access Program) information to the enemy.

At the bottom of the page at BLXWARE.ORG it shows the former officials that had access to the information. The whistleblower, for the record, states they have an accuracy record of 14 for 14 in predicting what the traitorous moles will do next.

“For the record we are 14 for 14 predicting [the] last major cyber attacks against US companies. We put all of this on the record, videotaped at FBI DC headquarters with millions of documents to support our predictions 2015,” according to the BLXWARE.ORG webpage.

The BLXWARE.ORG website posed the question “Why didn’t these US GOV employees expose the truth about illegal FBI/CIA/NSA domestic surveillance programs spying on Americans without probable cause since they have known about them since 2003?”

The architects of HAMMER operation officials were named:

  • Former FBI Director Robert Mueller, Former Special Counsel
  • Former Director of National James Clapper
  • Former CIA Director John Brennan

Officials at DOD, DOJ, FBI and CIA had the information about the vulnerabilities to U.S. national security critical infrastructure, as did Joe Biden.

US Electric Grid


According to BLXWARE.ORG:

If the the same USGOV  bad actors that stole and sold the Colonial Pipeline employees’ and network administrators’ login credentials obtained in illegal US GOV FBI/CIA/NSA domestic surveillance programs we worked in go to the next companies on the vulnerable US power companies list we provided the US GOV expect:

Ransomware attack

Nuclear power plants and US Grid July 4 – Sept. 4

For the record we are 14 for 14 predicting the last major cyber attacks against US companies. We put all of this on the record, videotaped at FBI DC field office headquarters with millions of documents to support our predictions 2015.

Want to stop the cyber attacks against US companies find the US GOV bad actors that have been selling the data we collected in FBI/CIA/Domestic surveillance programs.

James Jesus Angleton, the former CIA Chief of Counterintelligence from1954 to 1975, warned that the CIA had been infiltrated by traitors who became double agents and went to work for America’s enemies. For example, CIA officer Aldrich Ames turned double agent and began working for the KGB.

Like the CIA, the FBI has also been infiltrated by officials who betrayed the United States and committed espionage on behalf of America’s adversaries. FBI agent Robert Hanssen, whose case was described by the DOJ as “possibly the worst intelligence disaster in U.S. history,” went to work for the Soviet Union and Russia, proving that FBI agents, unfortunately, can turn against their own country and inflict tremendous damage.