imageTERRORIST Bill Ayers, nefarious Obama friend and bloodthirsty Communist Revolutionary,  you know – “just a guy in my neighborhood” — that Bill Ayers, …brought the “American Spring” and meststicizing “days of rage” to Chicago Friday evening.   Ayers then tweeted this celebratory image of the “alter” — that “transformation” thing again,  …upon destroying Trump’s Friday night rally where Trump and his supporter’s  Constitutional Rights to Free Speech were annhilated,  trampled and denied.

Chicago Police were ordered not to arrest protesters by Mayor “Dead fish” Rahm Emmanuel who at one time  worked for Barack Obama.  Obama signed H.R. 347 making it illegal to collude and conspire to protest or disrupt in an area under protection of the Secret Service punishable by up to a year in prison…unless of course you’re a conservative to whom the establishment doesn’t afford legal rights .

[Current federal law (H.R. 347) does not allow for protesting of any type in an area under protection by the Secret Service. When the federal law on trespass was quietly amended―it is a crime, punishable by up to a year in prison, to “knowingly impede or disrupt the orderly conduct of Government business or official functions” in locations guarded by the Secret Service, including places where individuals under Secret Service protection are temporarily located―the revised statute made it “easier for the government to criminalize protest.

And Bill H.R. 347…/BILLS…/pdf/BILLS-112hr347enr.pdf]


Communist Che, Malcolm X,  a mystery woman, and a pacifier were among the celebratory images Ayers tweeted out of his “alter” image.

On the ground at the University of Illinois Chicago Ayers was seen holding court among the thousands of assembled protesters where we saw shades of Occupy, BLM and Move-On.  The evidence is there…this was paid for as has been widely reported,  by Nazi collaborator and America-hater George Soros.
The left’s protestors threatened, grabbed and destroyed Trump signs,  elbowed, and  put they put their hands on Trumps’s supporters, cracked a cop over the head, truly a plethora of disorderly conduct in an effort to shut the Trump rally down.  That Trump was behind the violence is utter balderdash.  The protesters had no right to stop and suppress Trump and his supporter’s Constitutional rights.

Imagine if it had been the reverse.  You know exactly what Barack Obama, Jessie Jackson,  Al Sharpton, Joe Biden, Teachers Unions, Labor Unions, LaRaza, CAIR, LGBT, Planned Parenthood, the Washington Post and The New York Times among many others would have had to say.
The intolerant left does not afford  others their Constitutional rights to free speech and they set out to shut them down in Chicago.  And they did. Trump in an effort to avoid violence cancelled his rally.  His supporters had to run the gauntlet through thugs in order to leave.  The media dutifully neglected to report those facts.

We noted the “Lord of Flies” week of continuous drumbeat led by Fox, CNN, Megyn Kelly, Chris Stirewalt, Greta, National Review’s Rich Lowry, John McCormack, Betsy Woodruf, Stephen Hayes, Katie Pavlich, Michelle Fields among many others –where they held wall to wall negative coverage on Trump –demonizing him just short of “kill the pig- smash his head” in the week leading up to Trump’s Chicago rally.  The political/media establishment has given their marching orders to their minions and it is obvious they have followed them.  This is journalistic malpractice meant to incite and harm Trump’s campaign. Rather un-American.

The MSM further colluded in perpetuating the lie against TRUMP when Fox New’s Sunday’s Chris Wallace  hosted Trump and with questionable cherry-picking of imagery showed the one image of  a Trump supporter’s bad actions from a sea of the left’s thuggery he simply chose to ignore. Fair and Balanced?  I think not!

Shame and blame belong to GOPe’s Cruz, Rubio, Romney and Kasich for supporting the acts of terrorism and destruction against Trump and his supporters as they twisted truth, blamed the innocent and demonized their political opponent TRUMP in an effort to achieve relevance in Trump’s proAmerica movement that does not include them.

Cruz certainly worked feverishly to incite anger against Trump.  His rant against Trump not being the “true conservative” contrasts sharply with his own liberal ideology showcased in his support for the TPP, TPA and Amnesty which certainly illustrates Cruz’s support for the globalization of the USA, the destruction of her sovereignty and the redistribution of her jobs. Those very acts confirm Cruz is no Reagan Conservative.

Trusted and well know Conservative Senator Jeff Sessions saw through the overly earnest Ted Cruz and supported Donald Trump.  Perhaps you should too.