By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | The American Report | July 11, 2021

Cubans have taken to the streets of Havana and other parts of the island to rise up against the communist regime that for more than six decades has ruled with an iron fist over the so-called socialist paradise, according to photos and videos flooding Twitter and media reports. On Twitter, #Cuba, #CubaLibre, and #SOSCuba are trending.


President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden were staunch supporters of Cuban communist revolutionary brothers Fidel and Raúl Castro who pillaged the country in order to enrich themselves and who tortured and killed freedom-loving Cubans who challenged their brutal Marxist-Leninist regime.

“Democratic Socialist” Bernie Sanders, who is actually a communist, has also spent his lifetime supporting Cuba’s communist regime.

Both Barack Obama and Joe Biden have political and personal backgrounds steeped in connections to communist Soviet agents and to the Soviet Union, Cuba’s long-time sponsor and America’s adversary.

Barack Obama’s Hawaii ‘mentor’ Frank Marshall Davis was Communist Party USA (CPUSA) member #47544, according to Davis’ extensive FBI file. Davis was also a suspected KGB agent and was listed on the FBI’s Security Index of Americans to be arrested in the event of an outbreak of hostilities between the United States and the Soviet Union.

Joe Biden’s political career was sponsored by the Council for a Livable World, a suspected Soviet front group that targeted and recruited up-and-coming Members of the U.S. Congress. The Council for a Livable World was founded by suspected Soviet Spy Leo Szilard and supported by Soviet agent Armand Hammer, son of Soviet agent Julius Hammer, co-founder of the Communist Party of the United States. Former KGB agent Pavel Sudoplatov claimed in his 1994 autobiography Special Tasks that Szilard, a nuclear physicist who helped lead the Manhattan Project, passed American atomic bomb secrets to the Soviets.

Communist revolutionary and Weather Underground domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, a long-time close friend of Barack and Michelle Obama, worked closely with Cuba’s communist regime’s intelligence agency the DGI [General Directorate of Intelligence] and with Cuba’s violent Venceremos Brigades.

The New York Times reported:

It said the ultimate objective of the D.G.I.’s participation in setting up the Venceremos Brigades “is the recruitment of individuals who are politically oriented and who someday may obtain a position, elective or appointive, somewhere in the U.S. Government, which would provide the Cuban Government with access to political, economic and military intelligence.”

The report said this conclusion was based on information from former officials of the D.G.I.

The Cuban intelligence officers were described as particularly eager to recruit Americans who had political contacts or who were related to United States government officials.

“A very limited number of VB members have been trained in guerrilla warfare techniques, including use of arms and explosives,” the report said. “This type training is given only to individuals who specifically request it and only then to persons whom the Cubans feel sure are not penetration agents of American intelligence”…

…“In February 1970, leading WUO member Bill Ayers told fellow underground WUO member Larry Grathwohl that if communication could not be made through these Canadian numbers, an individual should get in touch with the Cuban Embassy in Canada in order to establish contact with other members of the WUO,” the report said.

“To do this an individual should use the code name ‘Delgado’ when referring to himself and the person with whom he desired to make contact,” it said.

In another incident, the report said, four Weathermen who had been in Cuba with the Venceremos Brigades were sent back to the United States through Czechoslovakia. rather than through Canada with other brigade members, to lessen their chances of being arrested by the United States authorities. The four wanted to get back to the United States safely after the explosion of a house in Greenwich Village killed two members of the Weather group, Diana Oughton and Ted Gold, and the Cubans “obliged” them by making the European travel arrangements, the report said.

“Cuban espionage agents operating in the United States and Canada supplied limited aid to the Weather Underground, a militant antiwar organization, in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, according to a top‐secret report of the Federal Bureau of Investigation,” the New York Times reported on October 9, 1977.

From The American Report: THE  BETRAYAL PAPERS part V — Who Is Barack Hussein Obama?

Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn (Ohrnstein)

Of all the nefarious personal relationships of Barack Hussein Obama, the bloodthirsty couple of Bill Ayers and wife Bernadine Dohrn (Ohrnstein) are the most unsettling. In the 1960s, Ayers and Dohrn were notorious radicals, anarchists, and terrorists – declared enemies of American society.

Ayers and Dohrn hosted a meet-and-greet and fundraiser for candidate Obama when he first ran for public office. Indeed, Obama’s political career was launched from the couple’s living room in Hyde Park.

Bill Ayers’ father was Tom Ayers, President of Commonwealth Edison (the power company of Chicago) from 1964-1980, and Chairman from 1973-1980. The Ayers family was close to the corrupt Daley political machine and involved in various philanthropic causes, and Bill was a son of considerable privilege. The Ayers family connection to power production is important to note in connection with the Chicago Climate Exchange, which will be detailed in Part VI.

Despite his mainstream upbringing, Ayers gravitated to terrorism and revolution. In 1969, he, Dohrn, and other radicals founded the Weather Underground. From its inception until the early 1980s, this group of nihilist anarchists would claim responsibility for targets that included police, an R.O.T.C building, the home of a judge, New York City Police Headquarters, and The Pentagon.

Dohrn and Ayers lived for a time as fugitives together, and eventually married. But due to legal technicalities neither Ayers nor Dohrn ever served time for their crimes.

The couple has two sons. Both were, curiously, given Islamic names: Zayd and Malik.

Ayers has admitted not once, but twice that he is author of the Obama’s memoir, Dreams of my Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance, published in 1995.

On September 11, 2001, a review of an upcoming book by Bill Ayers appeared in the New York Times. In the memoir Fugitive Days, Ayers recounted his time on the lam.       Wrote Ayers in the book, the lines which were reprinted in the Times the morning of September 11: “Everything was absolutely ideal on the day I bombed the Pentagon,” and “I feel we didn’t do enough.”

A few hours after that edition of New York Times hit newsstands on 9/11/2001, four planes were hijacked by Al Qaeda. Two of them brought down the World Trade Center. Another crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. And the other slammed into the Pentagon, once a target of Bill Ayers, scarring the symbol of American military might and killing 125 people.

Consider the psyche of Dohrn (from 1991-2013 a professor at Northwestern Law School) who, upon hearing of the horrific murder of actress Sharon Tate (where a fork was stuck into her nine-month pregnant belly) by psychopath Charles Manson’s gang, stated: “Dig it.  First they killed those pigs and then they put a fork in pig Tate’s belly.  Wild!”  Dohrn then adopted the “fork salute” for the Weatherman.

Years after 9/11/2001, Dohrn and Ayers would openly associate with Islamic terrorists. First, in connection with the 2010 “Peace Flotilla,” a terrorist smuggling operation originating from Turkey that sought to arm Hamas in Gaza. The rabid couple’s attraction to terrorism was enabled by the Soros front group, Code Pink.

In 2011, Ayers and Dohrn teamed up with Code Pink once again when they crashed the revolution in Egypt’s Tahrir Square to help oust American and Israeli ally Hosni Mubarak. Reliving their youth, they pulled a page from their old playbook, teaching the protestors how to organize their very own “day of rage.”

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez during a July 11, 2021 press conference called for a U.S.-led international intervention “to protect the Cuban people from a bloodbath,” NBC 6 Miami reported.

However, considering Joe Biden’s background and the far-left ideology of the Biden administration, a U.S. intervention in Cuba may never happen.

The Trump administration, by contrast, might have deployed U.S. military special forces to Havana within the first 24 hours of the crisis in order to arrest the Cuban communist regime leaders and to provide humanitarian assistance. Perhaps then property stolen since 1959 by the communist regime from the Cuban people and from U.S.-based businesses could be returned to its rightful owners.

Blatant Approval: Barack And Michelle Obama Attended Havana Baseball Game With Communist Cuban Dictator Raul Castro After ISIS Bombed Brussels

In May 2016, Barack and Michelle Obama travelled to Cuba aboard Air Force One.

Following a series of bloody ISIS bombing in Belgium, Barack and Michelle enjoyed watching a baseball game in Havana. Shockingly, Barack and Michelle shamelessly sat in the stands next to their comrade, Cuban dictator Raúl Castro and did “the wave.”

“The president entered the stadium alongside Cuban President Raúl Castro. Both stood for a moment of silence before the game and later participated in the wave in the stands,” Politico reported. Obama decided to continue hanging out in communist Cuba and to attend the baseball game even after Islamic State terrorists carried out three coordinated bombings in Brussels, killing 32 civilians and wounding over 300.

According to U.S. Army General Michael Flynn, former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency and President Trump’s National Security Adviser, President Obama willfully provided weapons to Syrian fighters that fell into the hands of ISIS and Al Qaeda terrorists.

We previously reported at The American Report in the 2019 article “Safeguarding The Republic And The Rule Of Law By Exposing The Corrupt Prosecution Of General Flynn”:

In 2012, the DIA, under General Flynn’s command, predicted the rise of ISIS and warned the Obama administration about the coming Islamic Caliphate in a classified report that President Obama ignored.

Flynn later stated that the Obama administration’s decision to arm radical Islamic terrorists in Syria who morphed into the ISIS Caliphate and then conquered much of Iraq was in fact a “willful decision.”  That report made General Flynn no friends in the Obama administration, particularly in the intelligence community. Flynn became persona non grata. Though a genocide of Christians took place in the Middle East under the Obama administration, little was heard about the slaugher of Christians from the politicized Main Stream Media.

In 2019, The Trump administration banned American tourists from visiting Cuba and banned cruise ships from the United States from visiting Cuba.