By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones |  September 27, 2020

Twelve of FBI Director Robert Mueller’s special agents raided the homes of NSA whistleblowers J. Kirk Wiebe and William Binney on July 26, 2007.

Wiebe was a former NSA senior analyst and Binney was the former NSA Technical Director of the World Geopolitical and Military Analysis Reporting Group.

Mueller ordered the raid of former NSA officials Binney and Wiebe six long years after Binney and Wiebe had left the NSA in October 2001. A six-year lull is an eternity when tracking down evidence. The FBI’s six year delay only raises questions about Robert Mueller’s true motives.

Why did 12 FBI agents bust into both Binney and Wiebe’s homes, with guns drawn?

Preposterously, one of those FBI agents held a gun to Binney’s head as Binney stepped out of the shower.

The FBI agents rummaged through everything, taking anything they wanted while keeping the homeowners outside under armed guard for seven hours. The FBI stated that they were looking for evidence.

How does that make any sense? If Binney and Wiebe had anything, it would have been long gone after seven years. Why wait seven years to raid their homes if national security and seeking evidence was Mueller’s true intent.

Eventually, the FBI returned Binney and Wiebe’s property. Surprisingly, a sheepish FBI agent delivered their property directly to their homes.

Had the FBI raided Binney and Wiebe’s homes for another reason altogether?

According to Kirk Wiebe, the answer is yes.

In a recent interview on Operation Freedom, Kirk Wiebe told Dr. Dave Janda that the real reason the FBI raided his home “was to send a message to other people to keep quiet” and as a warning not to become a whistleblower.

Wiebe stated during that September 26, 2020 interview:

It took them awhile to do it … we [Binney and I] left [the NSA] in 2001 and we got raided by the FBI in 2007, July 26 — a date that will live in infamy, for those of us who went through it. But, isn’t it curious that if we were such big threats to security that it took them six years to get to us? Well that tells you a lot about the true agenda. The true agenda was to send a message to other people to keep quiet. Don’t be a whistleblower. That’s what it was all about.

Was Robert Mueller sending a message? Was that message, in fact, intended for Dennis Montgomery?

Considering the timeline of events that had taken place between Montgomery and Mueller’s FBI, one might think so.

The government had already had their way with Montgomery. In September 2006, Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte invoked the state secrets privilege and a government protective order  — essentially a gag order — on Dennis Montgomery. If Montgomery ever discussed any classified information, he could spend the rest of his life in prison for violating the Espionage Act.

Following the FBI raid on Montgomery’s home, Montgomery ended up in a court case against the FBI. The FBI came up with the short end of the stick when U.S. Magistrate Valerie Cooke found in Montgomery’s favor, not only ordering the FBI to return Montgomery’s property, but warning Mueller’s FBI that FBI agents had presented false information and falsified affidavits.

Cooke threatened to throw FBI agents in jail.

Montgomery had won the first round with Judge Cooke. The FBI had to return Montgomery’s property. Judge Pro then weighed in, upholding Cooke’s ruling on March 19, 2007.

Mueller now needed a new tactic.

The FBI’s seemingly out-of-the-blue raids on Binney and Wiebe came just four short months after Judge Pro’s ruling in favor of CIA contractor Montgomery.


Though Montgomery became a whistleblower in 2015, Mueller eventually got what he was seeking.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Deborah Curits and FBI Special Agents Barnett and Giardina were dispatched to Miami in 2015 to retrieve the 47 hard drives from Dennis Montgomery.

Under two immunity agreements, Montgomery provided James Comey’s FBI 47 computer hard drives in August 2015 and sworn testimony in December 2015, after the FBI had verified the 47 hard drives. The FBI now had back in hand the evidence of illegal domestic surveillance.

The hard drives contained evidence that, according to Montgomery, proves that President Obama, John Brennan, and James Clapper illegally surveilled Donald Trump and Michael Flynn, along with 38 million other innocent Americans, with THE HAMMER.

Comey’s FBI buried Montgomery’s evidence. None of the perpetrators of illegal domestic surveillance were prosecuted under the Obama administration.

Montgomery contends that Robert Mueller’s FBI provided the computers for THE HAMMER.

FBI and DOJ officials involved in Montgomery’s whistleblower case, including FBI Director James Comey, Deputy Assistant Director of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division Peter Strzok, FBI attorney Lisa Page, FBI Special Agents William Barnett and Walter Giardina, and DOJ Assistant U.S. Attorney Deborah Curtis, went on to serve on Special Counsel Mueller’s hoax Russian collusion investigation.

Curtis, Giardina, and Barnett went on to prosecute General Michael Flynn in what is now known to be a complete and utter miscarriage of justice.

It is particularly interesting that FBI Special Agent William Barnett, who was involved in CIA whistleblower Dennis Montgomery’s case and was a member of Mueller’s Russian Collusion team, and was also involved in the prosecution of General Flynn, has apparently changed his tune.

According to the FBI’s 302 report of Barnett’s September 17, 2020 interview, “BARNETT believed the prosecution of FLYNN by SCO [Special Counsel’s Office] was used as a means to ‘get TRUMP.’”


The Obama administration’s DOJ and both Director Mueller’s FBI and Director Comey’s FBI, instead of stopping crimes, were committing them. Perhaps, these were the most egregious crimes in America’s history.